Whitewater Inflatable Kayaks Review

The best inflatable kayak for whitewater can take the extreme conditions of raging rivers and rapids characterized by their turbulent waters, large rocks, and precipitous drops. The whitewater kayaks should deliver the benefit of greater control, stability, and maneuverability. At the same time, it can be used on calm waters like lakes, bays, and estuaries.

With the evolution of inflatable kayaks throughout the years, there is a massive availability of top rated and high performing kayaks in the market today. Also, with the existing of a big number of brands, the market has a wider range of inflatable kayaks to choose from. Competition is good for consumers.

Here are the 5 of the top rated and most popular inflatable whitewater kayaks in the market today. We hope that these featured kayaks will deliver the things you are looking for in an inflatable kayak for whitewater.


5 of the Best Inflatable Whitewater Kayaks Reviews

1. Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak

The Sea Eagle 330 is the lightest, most portable and America’s most popular and versatile inflatable kayak. This kayak weighs 26 lbs. and when packed down, it is small enough to fit in the smallest car trunk. Don’t be deceived by its weight because it can hold 2 people or approximately 500 lbs. The kaya is easy enough to be paddled by one person. It offers the best interior spaced for an adult and child or two smaller adults.

Key Features:

  • Integral 5-Tube I-beam Floor. This feature greatly improves the paddling performance of the Sea Eagle 330 because the paddler sits higher and most of the weight is born by the floor, not at the side chambers. This highly enhanced the paddling performance of our Sport Kayaks because the paddler sits higher and most of the weight is born by the floor, rather than the side chambers. Larger I-beam tubes are more rigid compared to smaller tubes. It created a more rigid inflatable floor with natural chines which improve the speed and tracking of the Sea Eagle 330 inflatable kayak. It is now easy to paddle long distances wherever you wish.
  • Two Rear Skegs For Tracking and Speed. Tracking is very important in kayaks because they need skegs to track smoothly across the water. Otherwise, your effort in paddling is wasted. Other cheaper brands without rear skegs just weave and wander across the water, wasting your paddling effort. These inflatable kayaks feature two molded skegs, so you go faster and further with less paddling effort. These skegs are made of a very durable molded plastic that will not be harmed by hitting rocks or running up on the beach.
  • Deluxe One-way Valves on All Air Compartments. The Sea Eagle 330 Deluxe One-way Valves are simple and easy to use. It is a great innovation over traditional pipe valves which are hard to close, loose air and crack over time. These valves come with an inner diaphragm lets the air to be pumped in without air escaping afterward. The larger opening of the valves allows rapid inflation and deflation. It comes with molded O-rings that can’t be lost and a tether that will always let them attach to the hull.


  • Durable
  • Portable
  • Self-bailing
  • Usable in any water type
  • Extreme weather and elements resistant
  • Deflating and inflating is quick


  • Tracking is the challenge
  • Applicable up to class III waters

2. Solstice Rogue Kayak

If you need an inflatable kayak that is made for a rough and untamed river, the Solstice Rogue kayak is what you are looking for. It is made from the heavy-duty 26kg K80 material with radio frequency (RF) welded seams. This kayak is durable that it can endure extreme conditions. With the dimension of 126” x 33”, this kayak can comfortably seat 2 kayakers on the adjustable inflatable seats. This inflatable kayak comes complete with in front and rear spray covers. The Solstice Rogue comes with a 3-chamber construction for safety and an I-beam floor which gives superior control and high-end performance. With the convertible design feature, this kayak makes it ideal for one or two paddlers. Inflation and deflation come easy with the Boston and compression valves.

Key features

  • It has a convertible 2-person kayak design
  • It has adjustable inflation seats
  • This kayak is suitable for extreme conditions
  • Comes with 3-chamber construction for safety
  • It has an I-beam floor for optimum control
  • Solstice Whitewater Rogue 2 Person Kayak
  • It is made for Rough and Untamed Rivers
  • Convertible Design 1 or 2 Person Kayak
  • The kayak is made from Heavy-Duty 26G K80 Material
  • Seams: Radio Frequency (RF) Welded
  • Durable and can Endure Extreme Conditions
  • Comfortably Seats 2 Kayakers on Adjustable Inflatable Seats
  • Maximum Weight Capacity of 360 lbs. (158.75 kg)
  • Front and Rear Spray Covers
  • Constructed w/3-Chambers for Safety
  • I-Beam Floor Offers Superior Control and Greater Performance
  • Dimensions of 320 cm x 84 cm
  • Easy Inflation/Deflation w/Boston and Compression Valves


  • It is durable
  • It tracks well
  • Maneuvers so easily
  • It is puncture resistant
  • It is very stable in raging turbulent waters
  • Can be converted to a solo or two-person ride


  • Folding it back to the bag is a hassle

3. Advanced Elements Attack Whitewater Kayak

The Advanced Elements Attack Whitewater Kayak is a one-person capacity kayak and can take on the roughest conditions. With the width of 35”, a tube diameter of 9.50”, and 12” rocker, this kayak is made for whitewater. The kayak is constructed of durable 840 Denier PVC Tarpaulin and weighs 34 lbs. This inflatable kayak consists of three air chambers and features a series of self-bailing ports, adjustable thigh straps, an adjustable seat, hull abrasion rails, and a self-draining covered rear cargo hold for stashing gear.

Key Features

  • Hull Design. It has self-bailing ports and 12” bow/stern rise for quick turns.
  • Durable. This features a heavy-duty PVC Tarpaulin hull and independent PVC bladders for double layer thickness. 
  • Stable. The 35in provides increased stability of the kayak.
  • Storage. It has a stern deck covered cargo bay for storing a drybag.

Additional features:

  • Spring Valves
  • Adjustable seat
  • Welded Seams
  • Self-bailing ports
  • Thigh straps
  • Molded rubber handles
  • Self-draining storage compartment


  • Self-bailing
  • Puncture resistant
  • Wide enough to offer stability
  • Adjustable thigh straps and seat
  • Can withstand up to class II waters


  • Does not track well in lakes
  • Slightly slower for lake distances

4. Solstice Flare 1 Person Kayak

The Solstice Flare 1 Person Kayak features a sturdy nylon-covered, adjustable bucket seat for comfort when paddling. This kayak has a detachable large size skeg providing great tracking in calm water and better control when removed while whitewater paddling. The hull of this inflatable kayak is made from tough 1000 Denier nylon super tough supported fabric cover with high pressure drop-stitched floor for ridged bottom. Inflation and deflation come easy with the deluxe, replaceable H3 valves. 

The Solstice Flare 1 has screw type drain valves, a bow and stern cover with soft handles and the bow cover, is installed with elastic cords for cargo. The Solstice Flare is rigid, stable, and whitewater ready. The boat is completely ready for use includes pump, carry bag, owner’s manual and a pressure gauge.

Key Features:

  • This is a single person capacity kayak
  • It comes with detachable skeg for optimum tracking in water
  • H3 valves for easy inflation or deflation
  • It has a nylon covered adjustable bucket seat
  • Best for beach, rivers, and oceans
  • Best Way to Get-Fit while Being Outdoors
  • Sturdy Nylon-Covered, Adjustable Bucket Seat for Comfortable Paddling
  • Detachable Large Skeg: 
    Attached: Providing Great Tracking in Calm Water 
    Detached: Better Control while Whitewater Paddling
  • Hull Tough 1000 Denier Nylon
  • Super Tough Supported Fabric Cover
  • High Pressure Drop-Stitched Floor for Ridged Bottom
  • Replaceable H3 Valves: Easy Inflation/Deflation
  • Screw Type Drain Valves
  • Bow & Stern Cover with Soft Handles: Easy Transport
  • Bow Cover: Equipped with Elastic Cords for Cargo
  • Rigid, Stable, and Whitewater Ready
  • Great Boat for Beach, River or Ocean
  • Dimensions of 289.6 cm x 89 cm
  • Package includes pump, Carry Bag, and Pressure Gauge


  • It is spacious
  • Puncture resistant
  • Great tracking in calm waters
  • Easy and fast to deflate and inflate
  • Great control in raging turbulent waters
  • Extra features like an elastic cord for cargo fastening


  • It may be difficult to work the floor valve

5. Sea Eagle SE330 Inflatable Sports Kayak Pro Solo Package

Sea Eagle has a series of Inflatable Sports Kayaks. The latest sport kayak series offers superior one-way valves, thicker hull material, and much better material formulation for greater strength, reliability, and durability on the water. It can be packed to a fraction of their inflatable size so that it can be carried anywhere where there is water. The installation or set up of this kayak is possible in less than 10 minutes.

The Pro Solo Package is perfect for beginners and experienced paddlers as well. This features a lightweight design and efficient hull shape. This sport kayaks are swift paddling boats and easy to handle.

The Sea Eagle 330 Pro Solo Package comes with all the key features of the Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Sport Kayak as featured above. The only difference is that the Pro Solo Package is the perfect configuration for the solo paddler. It comes with additional movable super comfortable inflatable Deluxe Kayak Seat, 4-part paddle, foot pump, carry bag, and repair kit.

Additional Features

  • NMMA Certification
  • It has an open and close drain valve
  • Consists of five deluxe one-way valves
  • It is sun & saltwater resistant hull material
  • It has a lashed down inflatable spray skirt
  • Comes with an I-beam construction floor
  • Composed of 2 skegs on the bottom for better tracking & speed
  • Bow & Stern Grab Line


  • This sport kayak is petite, lightweight and portable
  • It can withstand the class II rapids
  • It handles and paddles very well
  • It offers a well-balanced boating experience
  • It is spacious enough to comfortably fit two adults
  • It is resistant to punctures, extreme impacts, and conditions


  • This sport kayak is expensive

Whitewater Kayak Adventure

What are the considerations in buying a whitewater kayak?

To help you end up with the right inflatable kayak for whitewater, consider the following things before you buy.

To help you choose the perfect inflatable whitewater kayak, think of the following considerations before purchasing. Primarily, the kayak must be self-bailing and always on high rapids of class IV water will pour into the kayak no matter the skill of the paddler. Also, make sure that it drains and dries superfast or else you will sink. Look for the availability of cupper holes in the kayak, they are the one responsible for the draining water from the d-rings and the cockpit.

The following are additional considerations in buying whitewater kayak.

Short and Wide Design

Your whitewater kayaks should have short and wide designs. These designs will require you to put less effort in steering the kayak since the moving water helps to maneuver the kayak. The shortness makes it easy to navigate the kayak against objects like logs, rocks and other obstacles.


The ability to carry the inflatable kayak to and from the shore is one to thing to be considered also. The inflatable kayak should be portable enough to be carried by one person and can be easily fit into the trunk or other storage.


Lastly and I guess the most important feature that you will look forward to is the durability of the kayak. The inflatable kayaks must be durable otherwise it is expensive to keep buying given that they are subjected to extreme elements and chances of wear and tear are high. The inflatable kayak must have a very tough fabric that endures pounding and constant rock hitting without tearing or puncturing.

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