Warrior Foosball Table Review

Friday night is a fun night for most people working on the weekdays. Everyone seems to be going to the bar but find themselves waiting in a long line. Some may be excited to catch up on a movie date but much to their disappointment a different movie is already being shown.  But fret no more there are other ways to enjoy the Friday night. How about a game night instead of with the exciting Foosball!

The best table for the sport is the Warrior Professional Foosball Table. This table is a perfect combination of affordability and high quality. The only table that is under $600 when compared to other brands and which is actually certified by ITSF & USTSF player organizations of the sport. It also runs a large number of professional tournaments year round.

The design is compliance with international standards for both professionals and amateurs alike. It has a classic look in black and chrome rods weighing only 200 pounds. The table is durable and stable from which the weight ensures it to stay firmly in place all throughout the game experience. Many other features make this model stand out. This easy to assemble table have verified safety features, adjustable but sturdy legs that show the durability as well as gameplay specifications like counter-balanced men on the table controlled by knobs with a better grip and comfort than others.  Much of the details may be overwhelming but equally important.

The table is built for either recreational or some clean fun competitive play for ages 12 and above. It embodies the American Foosball table style that has comparable ball control to some and but though has no bounce could be a promising feature.



It is 56 inches by 30 and 36 inches with adjustable leg levelers and chrome plated rods.  The table features a three-man goalie defense style along with a 10 beaded abacus style scoring for the 2 foosballs that can have a single side ball return system during the game. Ideally, the Warrior Professional Foosball table can be a nice addition to the family room. In the same sense, it presents to be the best professional-level table at a highly-competitive price but is safe and durable when compared to other high-end tables.

Material and Durability:

This table is something you can enjoy for many years to come. The material is made from MDF wood and unlike standard wood it has a laminated surface thus presents you with durability as well as saves you from the worry of warping in places where there are high humidity and heat. Other parts of the table like the cabinet is constructed from the similar material that which ensures a scratch or mark proof surface.

Now to add to stability and to ensure an even playing field, the product has adjustable and sturdy legs. And no matter where you place the table may it be on even or uneven floors it can work well. This is because the unique feature of the table having adjustable leg levelers help maintain a good grip on the floor surface again in either even or uneven floors. The special rubber feet allow extra traction on different surfaces. With this in mind, you can expect such little untoward experiences like slipping out when playing the game. To top it all off, these sturdy and yet adjustable legs have been made to definitely withstand heavy use and even feast gameplay.


Now that we tackled the technicalities of the table material we felt assured of investing on a product that will last for many years. How about the game time experience using the certain parts of the table. For starters, since this is indeed a table for the professional level, it utilizes counter-balanced players that easily and smoothly moves across the playfield. There is also a certain high degree of fluidity in the motion that makes a fast-paced gameplay to be in high-controlled condition nevertheless. The controls for the players are unbendable metal rods equipped with flanges to prevent the grips from hitting the table. This is essential especially for newbies just learning to play the sport. The rods are highly comfortable to hold and in complementary to the white laminate of the inner walls constructed as such to provide better responsiveness. The table was built to ensure great ball control because it was constructed with urethane material to give the balls a much better grip and enhance ball control. This results to let the players have the opportunity to show off those skill shots which incidentally is otherwise in lower quality tables.

But so to give a fair insight on both sides of the coin, I believe this is important to help the manufacturers improve in their product.  The table undoubtedly offers great playability but there are instances when the ball plays slow in the corners’ dead zones. This may be a plus point for beginners but for professional players who want a faster ball rolling could be a deadpan, but then I think the manufacturers are handling this soon. And quite so in connection with the ball ‘s features it also presents a poor ball return. It probably attributes to the ball return tubes being made from a very fragile plastic material. There are times when the ball gets stuck in it which results to manually retrieving it or to take the whole thing off and let them fall unceremoniously on the floor. With all this, the promise of the manufacturers is to provide slightly harder balls to soon give the Warrior Foosball table the perfect ensemble.

Lastly, for my icing on the cake, the Warrior Foosball is easy to assemble and ensures safety to the players when they manipulate the jutting rods. The rods come with a unique system of guards to give protection to the players from judging themselves. This also protects the table from possible damage which of course make longer years of play time possible. What more can you ask for? A great feature to bear in mind when purchasing something that could give both fun and entertainment.

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