Vintage Foosball

In a party, it is important to have plenty of foods and drinks.  But then it would be so boring if you do not have any activities that could make you enjoy the party aside from eating and drinking.  Games are very important in parties or family gatherings.  One of the popular tabletop games played in every party is foosball.  Table football or table soccer but popularly known as foosball is a tabletop game based on soccer or football.  This tabletop game originated in as early as the 1900s.  Way back in the 1900s, the designs are seemingly different and the materials used are also different.   So there are distinct changes in the design as well as with the materials used as the years pass by.  There are so many foosball tables that are being sold in stores.   Getting the vintage foosball table is quite exciting.  Vintage is old yet full of mystery.  For some people, having things that are vintage adds character to their homes.

So here in this article, we will help you decide whether you will get the vintage foosball table or the modern models of this foosball table.  If you are interested in acquiring a vintage foosball table, always remember that the older the foosball table it could also mean that it will be expensive compared to the modern ones. See to it that you are aware of these things before you decide to buy it.

What is the difference between the Vintage Foosball tables from Vintage Style Foosball Table? We will discuss the advantages and the disadvantages of getting the vintage foosball table and we will help you weigh your decision in which one you will buy in the future.

In getting a Vintage Foosball table, you should make sure that you know how to spot the difference between the authentic vintage foosball table and the replica or just a copycat.  Nowadays, there are so many manufacturers that can make a replica of a genuine vintage foosball table and if you are not a vigilant buyer you cannot pinpoint the difference between the authentic and the replica.  They might be similar in so many ways but then in one point, there is also a difference between the two.

You might wonder why there are people who wanted to get hold of the vintage foosball table than having the modern styled foosball table.  A vintage foosball table is beautifully crafted by the manufacturers and they made sure that they use the best quality materials that would last a lifetime.  As what is mentioned above, foosball tables were built in the 1900s, so if you are looking for a vintage foosball table it would be very pricey.  But for sure, collectors of vintage things have the ideas of how pricey it could get.  Some serious foosball players wanted to get hold of vintage foosball table because they knew they will get a good game out of it.  Every part of the vintage foosball table is made accurately and distinctively.  It was tested and proven to have precise constructions that have less room for mistakes and malfunctions.

So how will you know that the particular foosball table is vintage or not? Well, one thing is sure that vintage foosball tables were handcrafted with the peculiar art of the eras it was created.  Manufacturers before were more particular of the quality of the foosball table they are making than the quantity they will create.  The parts of the table were crafted with intricate designs and they used solid woods which unlike the ones they used for the modern foosball table.  The vintage foosball table is expected to last for a decade or even a century.

For collectors, getting a vintage foosball table is a must.  Aesthetic wise, vintage foosball tables were handmade with intricate designs that it will add beauty to the game room. Its solid wooden frames can add to the character of the owner as it signifies class and beauty.  In comparison to the vintage foosball tables, mass-produced modern models may look like the authentic vintage foosball tables, but the materials used are quite different.  Some manufacturers do not use solid wooden frames but just laminated ones which make it cheaper but not durable.  On the other hand, replacing the parts of the modern foosball tables are easy because the materials are abundant unlike when the vintage foosball tables need repairs, it would be hard because some materials might not be available in the present time.

Before buying a vintage foosball table, you must see to it that it is well maintained because as it is old some of its parts may be loosened or in not good condition.  So you must consider the price.  A well-maintained vintage foosball table is definitely expensive.  The price may vary, depending on the condition of the vintage foosball table.  If you bought a vintage foosball table with broken parts then you can just fix it to save some money.  In restoring the vintage foosball table, you have to disassemble the table and check every part which you need to replace.  Make sure that you know how to assemble it again, or maybe you can check some videos online on how to reassemble the vintage foosball table.   For sure there are parts being sold online, so you just need to check online stores who sell parts of a foosball table.  If you will replace it with the genuine parts then most likely it will be expensive for it is rare to find its original parts.

Another thing you must consider is the rarity of the vintage foosball table.  It is hard to find a genuine vintage foosball table nowadays.  Maybe some were lost during calamities such as fires or some were lost during wars and any other incidents.  So for sure if you find one it would be amazing and expensive. But then if you have money to buy it and wanted to have the feel of the 1900s, getting a vintage foosball table to play with families and friends is a good thing.

Things that are vintage are unique and quite interesting.  Some have stories behind it and having one makes you a part of it.  We do hope that this article is of great help for you in deciding whether to buy a vintage foosball table or not.

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