Tornado Foosball Tables

When it comes to foosball tables, precision is the name of the game. A finely constructed table will be at the perfect height, the rods will move fluidly and the legs will be level. The game would not work as well without these characteristics.

Foosball tables cost money. That’s why it’s so important to buy a high quality unit that will let you get the most out of the game. It will be true value for money if you are able to get a table made for professionals, with outmost precision and performance.

Whether you are a first time player or a seasoned foosball professional, your unit must be able to help you improve your game, and have a great time while doing it.


Tornado Foosball Tables

For 36 years now, Tornado has been providing the world with the right foosball tables at the right price. Prices are so low that they are not allowed to publish them, they say.

Tornado Elite

Tornado Elite foosball table is a new table model that replaced the Cyclone II table in 2010. This table is professionally built, made for home use. It features dual side ball returns, heavy and lightweight rods and Tornado’s patented split bearings for easy maintenance and professional play quality.

It includes redesigned player foot which allows more precise ball control, with higher cross hatching and square sides. A new thinner inner bearing design does not allow the ball to be passed between the man and the wall. Patented rubber bumper player and rod guarantee super-fast durable play.

The table has Victorian Cherry laminate finish on a 1 and ½ inch thick cabinet wall that adds weight and stability to the foosball table. It features the traditional 3-man goalie style and the patented Tornado bumpers and men. It has natural solid wood handles and has ¾ inch laminate playfield with 3-color Tornado logo.

The unit uses down corner construction for rigidity and durability, and its new thin-wall bearing design allows for improved passing and shot-blocking.

Tornado T3000

The Tornado T3000 foosball table is the professional competition series that comes with improved foosball men that have sharper corners and a wider surface for better control of the ball. The men are yellow and black and match the score counter colors.

Its thin-wall split bearings through which the solid-iron, chrome-plated rods travel offer superior handling and ball control even during high tension moments.

The table itself has a very rugged and sturdy design built to last and weather heated competition time and time again. The stainless-steel laminate boasts a large, bold Tornado logo providing a more sporty tournament finish as opposed to a classic black or wood look.

It has a split-cabinet design so that the top can come off if necessary for full access to the playing surface. This is in case the playing surface needs to be cleaned or refinished/replaced if damaged.

The solid commercial-grade legs come with adjustable leg levelers to literally ensure an even playing field. The player rods have color-matching super high grip handles. The coin table ways 365 lbs whereas the non-coin table weighs 355 lbs.

There is only one thing left to be said about this table: it is the standard competition foosball table, so if you are looking to go pro, you may as well practice on one of these.

Tornado Classic

The Tornado Classic foosball table is a new 2010 model that replaced the Storm II table. It combines a contemporary look with heavy duty construction. The Classic table has just about every feature we look for when we review a table for high quality parts.

Many of the high performance parts from Tornado’s commercial tables provide professional play quality on the Classic. The black leather laminate finish on 1 and ½ inch thick cabinet walls adds to the neat and elegant aura that the table exudes.

The wooden handles are easy to grip and the rods are chrome plated, yet light in construction for quick rod movement. The tabletop surface is solid, level, and allows for fast foosball shots. The counterbalanced foosball men allow you to easily play 1 on 1 games because you can set the men horizontally without the fear of them falling down and getting in your way during game play. Leveling the foosball table with the adjustable leg levers is a breeze. This updated model includes a redesigned player foot which allows more precise ball control with higher cross hatching and square sides. A new thinner inner bearing design does not allow the ball to be passed between the man and the wall.

Tornado Sport

The Tornado Sport doesn’t have a flashy design like the Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball table but it is very sturdy and is made of high- quality materials. It has a minimalist and clean design that looks attractive to the users. The cabinet walls are 1- inch thick and have Mahogany Melamine finish. You can see from the design and the color of the Foosball table that it is from Tornado. You can see two rectangular holes on two narrow sides of the cabinet. It is for collecting the ball after a goal. It has eight .125 inch rods with miniature players attached to them and four poles on each side have Sure Grip plastic handles. It has a green surface with black and yellow players that make the Foosball table visually attractive.

It has hollow steel rods that are lightweight and help you play the game faster and in a comfortable manner. The beginners might find it difficult to adjust to the faster rods but once they learn, they will love to play with them. The rods and bearings in Sport version are same as those in Tornado Classic Foosball table. Tornado has improved the design of the player foot that comes with higher cross- hatching and square sides which helps in precisely controlling the ball. It has also got a new thinner inner bearing design that does not allow the ball to pass through the walls and the miniature players. The balls that come with this Foosball table provide very smooth and precise game play.


Whether for first-time gamers or for those who have been playing for a while, it is still best to consider features over consideration of price. At the end of the day, the quality of play will outweigh the cost.

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