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Some people have serious back pain or discomfort for several reasons. In time, taking several medications and doing expensive and tiresome therapy slowly came off the checklist.  So most took matters in their hands opting to have a different approach in managing their chronic illnesses. Several methods that focus on noninvasive procedures were introduced solely focusing on therapy in the comforts of their homes. Such procedure includes the now in demand “Inversion Therapy”. Nowadays this is done with the aid of the so-called Inversion tables.

Inversion therapy involves the theory of suspending the body upside down to stretch the spine and rebalance the body. It can improve circulation and relieve back pain as it shifts the body’s gravity and pressure eases off reducing contraction of the spine. This is generally for people with poor circulation, chronic lower back pain, sciatica or scoliosis, and other lumbar discomforts.

Notwithstanding as medical treatment, the method gained the attention of health and fitness enthusiasts because it can increase flexibility and posture. Over time, as it translates flexibility into the spine, it may help will produce a stronger body that could bend and reach more easily. This definitely is a great promise for people with desk jobs that constantly strains their lumbar area.

At a glance, the highlight benefits of Inversion therapy focus on improved spinal health, reduced back pain, increase flexibility and posture and in some cases reduced the need for surgery.


The Top 5 Best Inversion Table:

Ironman IFT 4000 Infrared Therapy Inversion Table (cheap)

This table inverts to a full 180 degrees and temperature of 90 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit with an LCD control stashed in a mesh pocket that allows you to view and change the time up to 60 minutes and the position. The physical features include a tubular steel frame with a coated surface of a scratch resistant powder. Rated with 4.6 stars from the reviews it is actually cheap with a weight capacity of 350 pounds. It has an additional feature of FIR heat technology that is best for reducing back pain, fatigue, and increase blood circulation.

Teeter EP-560 Ltd. FDA-Cleared Inversion Table

This model has a weight capacity of 300 pounds that is best for back pain, muscle tension, herniated discs, and sciatica. The votes showed a 4.4 Star rating and is the only FDA approved inversion table. The equipment helps relieve muscle tension, back pain, spinal stenosis and much more. The physical features of the table include a contoured bed and hand for comfort and flexibility. The manufacturer specializes in both safety and efficiency. All of their products come with UL Safety Certification and ensures the product set up to be quick and easy. A special feature is it can adapt to additional products for a whole new experience. It may have acupressure nodes and a lumbar bridge added to the bed, a sure address to relieve tensions, promote better posture and so much more.

The product is a rock-solid construction with additional products easily purchased. This is easily folded and stored when not needed. This table has ankle clasps with high quality and durability with patented closures you just can’t find anywhere else. A bonus is a 5year warranty on all of the models.

Merax Vibration Massage & Heat Comfort Inversion Table

This inversion table has rollers that are adjustable to give you complete control and safety for the whole equipment. It is lined with extremely form fit high-density foam with ankle enclosures as well as hinges in dual-pin design. A special feature is the back massager that provides heat if required that may be removable when the session does not require it. It has a vibration feature in addition that which you can adjust quickly. It is one of those models that includes an infrared therapy for an area focus therapy that has a weight capacity of 300 pounds.

Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Therapy Table

This inversion table is one of the cheapest and one of those that can be folded or stored easily.  It is a perfect fit for not just one but possibly to different users with individual needs taking turns in using it. The product has a heavy-duty adjustable headrest, foot closure and height enclosed in soft padding. When all properly set up you get your money’s worth of comfort and enjoyable experience.

Conquer 6-in1 Inversion Table Power Tower Home Gym

The highlight of all products and praised as the best and most versatile of all the inversion table. This is an all in one machine that caters many purposes. It can let you do pushups, squats, dips with leg raise and even chin-ups.

It can be set in a variety of angles even to the height of the user for a safer and to have that perfect inversion experience each time. The ankle clamps are padded foam with roller cushions to ensure comfort and safety.  The armrests can be removed and washed easily too. An amazing deal for a price of one because you can do a lot of workout with no need for extra equipment. It is indeed a home gym and an inversion table rolled into one with all the incredible benefits.

Careful consideration of the features of each model should be taken into account when choosing the right one to buy. These will mostly revolve among the following areas including the budget, quality, and safety. Although not in particular order, several available brands and models had been developed to match and surpass the expectations of buyers. On top of the mentioned criteria to focus on, most other people look into additional features to ensure the equipment they buy best suits their individual needs.

An interesting trivia on this now becoming popular therapy is that it has been existing for over a thousand years as evidence have been seen by archaeologists on ancient stone drawings depicting yoga poses. In fact, the method of inversion has been practiced by several specialists throughout the years. Although it is gaining popularity and favor to some patients, it is still highly recommended that you consult with your attending physician before involving in this therapy as some risks may outweigh the benefits presented in some people.

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