Top 5 of the Best Ping Pong Table Covers

When we purchase something we value much we ought to give it care to the best we could. Quality manufacturers promise us functionality and durability for the shipped items but in reality, it will be up to the purchaser to give it TLC and make it last as long as it can. Some may come neatly packed along with somewhat a cover or some sort of protection but unluckily enough for some though additional purchases for that is needed.

For table tennis fans of an indoor or outdoor game, some would be presented with several challenges after it especially when storage is given focus. These challenges present itself in the form of dust formation on the surface, sticky dirt on the table and possibly a drink spilled by one of the opponents during the game. And so now we will concentrate on storage which may result in several changes on the table if an inappropriate cover is used. Neglecting proper storage may result to the surface of the table to gather dust and this, of course, will make the ball bounce improperly during the game and other related problems. So there are different trustworthy brands for a properly deserving cover but most look for qualities that play around durability of the material and resistance to several weather conditions. We have tables designed for both indoor and outdoor games and so the versatility of the cover would be a great advantage for the consumers. Whether you are open for reasonable investments on this or just after the best quality to fit the budget, the trustworthy manufacturers include those of Kettler, HCL, Covermates, STIGA, and Butterfly.

And so below are the recommendations:



It is partnered most of the time with the similar brand table tennis but may be used for other brands. It is designed to be UV resistant and protect the table from being spoilt by sun, mildew, dust and other weather conditions like snow or heavy rain. In comparison to other table covers, this is secured by easy Velcro side openings to make a classy yet convenient cover. The product has a top air vent of 63”x3” and measurements of 63 inches in length, 33.5 inches in width and 62 inches in height. It is a heavy duty cover with toughly reinforced corners with strength and durability to ensure a lifelong lasting quality. A bonus to the purchase is a two-year warranty for residential use. Rated with three and a half stars on online stores it is specially engineered to be a heavy-duty cover against many possible causes of damage for a table. This is a sure investment for something meant to last a long time.


A must-have table cover to ensure great protection that is similarly made for automobile cars. It is made of high quality woven PE material ideal for both indoor and outdoor table cover use. It is also water resistant with elastic hems provided to be fit in storage condition that is suitable for most tables. It measures up a length of 66.5inches and a width of 61inches. The material prevents rusting and coloration of the table. It is a great item to invest on to ensure protection of your table against possible wear and tear during game time and on storage periods. In truth, the manufacturer has been constantly having innovations on their product so you would be assured of the highest quality most of the time.


This dual function cover protects both the table and the net on a playing position. It may be used best as an indoor cover but just so similarly water resistant and keep the table free from dust, dirt, and moisture. It is equipped with a Velcro edge that makes it easy to adjust the cover to any type of table. It is made from nylon that can protect the table from dust, dirt, scratches, and water. It has unique features and functions which makes it a favorite for consumers. It is lightweight with a free size design all under a very sensible budget.

COVERMATES – Ping pong table Cover

This product protects the table well from dust, dirt, wind or rain. It is made from a 12-gauge commercial vinyl material that could shield the table from spilled drink and even other unnecessary things. The cover is polyester lining that is reinforced on the corners to prevent from holes and tears from showing up at the seams. It also has good fasteners to prevent the wind from blowing out the cover from the table. It measures 110 inches in width as well as 60 inches in diameter with a 30 inches in height. An interesting add-on is the Velcro flap pocket with a paddle storage for both ends. Among the many products, this has proved to be sturdy and highly durable all withstanding the basic functions of being waterproof and a good choice for other challenging cause of damage. It definitely is easy to put on as well as to put off giving both ease and comfort for the buyer and the table tennis fan.


The basic feature of the table cover is to keep the table free of dust and dirt whether it is stored outside or inside the house. If you need to store it inside, you need bigger house.

This product is 160 centimeters in length and 80 centimeters in width with a measurement of 150 centimeters in height. It is delightfully waterproof designed for hard and tough wearing. It is made from PVC making it breathable in that air can easily get pass through thus prevents the table from mold formation. It also comes with a table fastener for wind protection. Now, this product is fit for all International Foldable Rollaway Table Tennis that has the right length and width greatly suitable for both indoor and outdoor setting. This is one of the top of the line branded covers across the globe that is equally inexpensive and durable.

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