Top 5 of the Best Harvard Foosball Table Reviews

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History of Foosball

Table football or table soccer is a table-top game that is loosely based on football. Its origins go back to 1921 in Europe. There are many versions as to how the game came about but to date, the version available in the market is a patent of Alejandro Finisterre of Barcelona during the Spanish Civil War in 1937.

But there are two older versions of the game. The oldest version of foosball was a patent of Harold Searles Thorton of the United Kingdom in 1921. He invented it because of the rapidly spreading popularity of football in Europe. There is also a version of a French inventor, Lucien Rosengart in the 1930s when he was looking for things to keep his grandchildren entertained during the cold winter months, which was called “babydoot”.

Through the years, several types of the foosball table and different version of the game has come out. The then indoor game now has a World Championships and World Cup, adapted from the FIFA World Cup. It has also become part prominent episodes of some popular TV series and movies.

This article will give you a shortlist of the best Harvard foosball table models:

Harvard Foosball Tables Review

The Rematch

The Harvard G01341W Rematch Soccer Table is best for beginners to learn the basics with. It is perfect for young players who are playing for the first time. This foosball table model is sure to provide friends and family hours of fun.

The table top is made with laminated PVC and the frame is made of laminated wood composite. And it has large laminated aprons. The color theme for The Rematch is black and silver, with silver trim and chrome accents that add to the bold appearance of the design. It’s about 55.25” L x 28.25” L x 33.75” H and weighs about 140.0 pounds. One key feature of this model is its tapered leg design showing a semblance of classic elegance and sturdiness at the same time.

The Goal Getter

One of the most aesthetically-pleasing designed among all Harvard foosball tables happens to be one of the least expensive as well. The Harvard G01808W features green soccer field in laminated PVC and robot-style foosball men. It has large laminated aprons for structural stability and black powder-coated hollow steel rods.

It measures 54” L x 26.625’ W x 34” H and weighs around 82 pounds, making it easier to handle by kids. It is quite easy to assemble and is perfect for both slower and skilled games, by simply changing to a flat softer ball. Finally, it features a natural wood finish and a pentagonal-shaped leg giving it a stronger, sturdier look.

The Black Deca Table

The classy and elegant Harvard Black Deca Foosball Table in contemporary black with the silver trim finish is not only great for any living area but also perfect for the whole family. It comes with octagon foosball handles and sturdy medium-density fiberboard table legs with adjustable leg levelers.

This table is on the low-end of the foosball lines that Harvard makes, but still includes nice features and parts. The glossy red and black players are arranged in a 5-3 – 2-3 formation and the end ball returns feature. It measures 55” L x 29.25” W x 34” H and weighs only 106 pounds.

The Mid Fielder Table

The Harvard G01888W Mid Fielder Soccer Table is a classic foosball table designed for fast-paced gamely. This model is slightly more expensive than others and features a pair of cup holders, a wooden abacus scoring system and a 3-goalie set-up.

This foosball table also features sturdy 5-inch square legs and chrome tube crossbars. It also has chrome-plated steel rods with octagon-shaped wooden handles. It measures 54.75” L x 34.5’ W x 30.75” H and weighs 186 pounds. It is priced a bit much compared to other models but it is cream of the crop in this price category.

Harvard Foosball Table for Sale on Amazon

This table from Harvard is one the best kid size foosball tables ever made. It has the perfect height and is quite lightweight. Its light weight is perfect for home use. The bright design – in black, white and red – add is to the liking of any football fan.

The surface of the game field has additional resistance to scratches and black handles are made of rubber to ensure excellent contact with the palms. This foosball table model has sturdy pentagonal adjustable legs and includes spare balls for the game and a slide scorer. The play surface is 41” L x 22.75” W and it’s so lightweight it is perfect for home use.

Foosball Table G01860 with Electronic Scoring

This classic Harvard foosball table is a professional foosball table made of excellently crafted players, that have robotic features and are well-balanced for precision during play. One unique feature of this table is that the ball collection box is situated on the sides rather than on the opposite ends.

The black playing field with white and red players look like an actual soccer field. This model is one of the high-end products of the brand because of its premium quality. Other features include chromed rods, gates, and a ball return system

Why Harvard?

A lot of foosball table brands are available in the market, maybe offering a lower price. Harvard, who withstood the test of time in foosball table manufacturing for several decades already, by far is still the best choice you can ever make when you decide to buy.

Whether for beginners and learners or professionals, the product lines have been continuously evolving and gaming characteristics have improved significantly. You can never go wrong when you choose a Harvard!

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