Top 5 of the Best Halex Foosball Table Reviews

A weekend may present various ways to have some rest and relaxation. But most would rather just spend it in the comforts of their home. This includes bonding time with friends and family in either a late night or afternoon game time. No other thing can keep the guys entertained and engaged than sports. If excitement and skills showdown is the target, a game of foosball will do the trick. With this, no other manufacturer surpass quality and unique designs in the indoor gaming department than HALEX.

Halex brand is esteemed in the gaming and sporting industry over the years. They have the power of a larger manufacturing network mostly in home gaming equipment. They specialize in the highest quality foosball tables as compared to other brands. They developed and introduce new models over the years partnering with the best experts in the field all over the world.

The Halex Foosball Table Models are luxurious in their own unique structure as well as the combination of material and overall appearance. The products are crafted in such a way to give the gamers a whole new experience for each kind of model. Generally, each model has been developed to have minimally based moisture absorbency on the table surface and are at 1 1/2inches in thickness. The bearings were made to withstand rough play in either fast or slow paced handling of the rods. They are made from steel properly checked and balance for a smooth yet fulfilling delivery of the game. The carefully chosen material for each design is highly dependable to last many hours of vigorous play. In fact, the higher end models have been manufactured with special components ensured to last longer amidst tough handling all throughout the game time.

As these luxurious products are readily available both online or in department stores choosing the right one for you could be more effective at a close encounter. Rest assured though all your specifications and style will be catered by either one of the models below. Some may be a bit costly to your liking but indeed the Halex Foosball tables not only combines style and durability but uniqueness and personality of the players as well. As the saying goes, all work and no play make the ax dull. This indulgence is all worth it in that no other way to cap your long hours of working for a living than a fun night of enjoying.

Here are the latest models and customers favorites:


Halex 50570 Pillar Wood Foosball Table

If you fancy an attractive piece of game equipment to play with family or friends this model is a good choice. It comes with distinct two color players of blue and red each representing the team.

To check if it will fit right in your allocated game room space, the dimensions of includes 56.5 inches in length, 36inches in width and 35inches height. A special feature of the set is its Black Hard grips for comfort that is just about 16mm thick. The package includes two soccer scorers and four foosballs.

This big and sturdy playset can even withstand vigorous game time at the same time is easy to store comfortably.

Halex 50512 Defender 58inch Foosball Table

Deemed as a good buy from consumers, this model comes in a handsome and sleek Black Graphite Laminate Finish with a Silver Trim. Albeit the price it is a guilt-free indulgence for game lovers.

The two players are in black and silver very fitting for a fun game night with the boys. To add to the excitement of the game, handlebars are in stainless steel rods with a black cover for a comfortable grip. In addition, it has sturdy leg levelers with rounded legs coupled each with a support bar. The play area has a sleek surface just so similar to a professional soccer field having white markings.

Halex 50545 56inch Championship Foosball Table

One of a kind model in Charcoal gray with black trim having angled legs with end panels to provide legroom in play time. The look exudes classic beauty highlighting the black chrome and silver chrome players. It comes with 16mm chrome plated hollow rods with black handles for ease and comfort playing. It is on demand owing to its unique physique and simple yet elegant details. The playing surface is smooth grass green color and acrylic side walls. Add-ons include the mesh goal, hidden hardware on players, 4 balls and a cabinet with side ball return feature. This game piece is something to consider for a stiff game night competition with friends or family.

Halex 50156 Monterey Foosball Table

A very elegant and a right ensemble to your playroom, this is an ultimate dream playset. The picture in Amazon can’t do enough justice though, particularly because it is a properly balanced and attractive table game piece of fine wood. Just as heavy play is expected in this kind of game, some wooden rods may loosen a bit but may easily be remedied by a handy screwdriver.

The model may have an oak cabinet with a walnut colored finish as well as sturdy square legs made from the same material. The wooden handles are actually rods of 5/8in nickel plated and stainless steel. It also features robot weighted players to ensure a uniform force in hitting the ball that incidentally has a slide slid ball return property. All of these special qualities give that exhilarating and carefree game experience.

Halex Galaxy 54inch Foosball Table

Indeed elegance and style may entail an expensive treat but all is worth when you experience playing in this high-end Halex model. Most of the time this model is a top choice, especially for beginners. It has a grass looking field with a white line out depicting a real soccer field. The model also has a Solid Steel Rods with Black handles and a complete Butcher Black Finish Table Cabinet. When you buy this design you may also get to enjoy playing with the manual scoring beads.

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