Top 4 of Best Ping Pong Table Reviews

The table tennis, also known as the Ping Pong is considered one of the most popular sports in the world. Are you amazed by the sound of the ping pong balls too? The popularity of the game is high due to its accessibility to all age groups. A person may play as a recreational game or as intensive as a professional table tennis player that will require athleticism, tactical thinking, and rigorous training.

Well if you are for recreational games only, this article will guide you on purchasing and selecting the average range table tennis tables in the market. This guide is limited for tables used in your home, recreation in the office and sometimes outdoors.

Before you proceed to a shortlist of the quick pick table tennis we will provide, allow us to give you an overview of the table tennis table which includes the things to consider, what type of table do you need and where are you playing it preferably.



  1. Size

It is important that you are aware that a full-size regulation tables measures 9ft x 5ft x 2.5ft in size. For beginners and intermediate players, you should have an allowance space of 5 feet behind each player and 5 feet at the sides of the table.

Playing doubles at ping pong table requires an additional 3ft at the end and 2 feet on the side. Now, if you really want to purchase a ping pong table and you have the space capacity that will allow the size of this table to fit including its additional space allowance, and then go for it.

If you have a limited space and wanted a collapsible ping pong table, it is still important to know the size for storage purposes. There are models and brands of ping pong table that have wheels for easy transport and storage.

  1. Are you playing solo?

You have to look for a model that folds up on one side if you want to play against yourself or a single-game play. This is a common feature among table tennis table, but some models do not offer it.

  1. Table thickness

A 1-inch thick table tennis table is the best choice because it will give the ball a perfect bounce. We recommend the thinnest size of 0.75-inch which still can offer a nice bounce. Thinner tables are much affordable of course.

  1. The net

If you want to have a scratch free table, the quality of the net is a big factor. Nets that feature a soft surface, like felt, where the net meets the table so that you will have no scratches on the surface.

If you have purchased a table without this feature it is easy to go to your local craft store and buy some felt that you can cut and glue in the net bottom as protection to the table tennis surface.

  1. The legs

Aside from checking for durable and sturdy tables, it is important that you choose a model of a ping pong table that has levelers. Levelers are important because some floors are not as leveled as you think they are. With the levelers, you can make some adjustments.

  1. Smooth, level surface

You have to make sure that your table tennis table has a perfect, level playing surface for a smooth gameplay. You can confirm it by it by using a yardstick or a leveling tool. Do not ruin a good game by having a bent or curved table tennis table.

  1. Do you want to use it outside?

Choose a table that is weatherproof if you want to place your table tennis table outside. Sunlight can warp your ping pong table, it is best to put a cover or limit your time when you play outdoors. Most of the outdoor tables are made of galvanized steel undercarriage, posts, and a weather-proof top surface.

Different Types of Ping Pong Tables

There are few different types of table available in the market. The following is a short list of these ping pong table types.

  • Full-size indoor table tennis tables
  • Compact indoor table tennis tables
  • Table tennis conversion top
  • Outdoor table tennis tables
  • Multi-game tables that include ping pong

Indoor VS Outdoor Ping Pong Table

Indoor and outdoor table tennis table are identical in terms of size. They have the same width, same length, and height. If you want a table tennis in your garden, you must purchase a proper outdoor table tennis table.

Although it is an indoor game as said by most professional and amateur table tennis players, outdoor table tennis is popular.

Indoor table tennis table gives a better ball bounce compared to an outdoor table. Indoor table tennis tables are made of solid wood, while outdoor tables have a combination of wood and metal and finished with a coating for sun, rain and wind protection. Outdoor tables have more sturdy frames that’s why it is costly.

The ball bounces differently between an indoor and outdoor table tennis table. In an outdoor table tennis table, the surface absorbs the energy of the ball so it doesn’t bounce quite well.

Using an indoor table outside is not recommended. The wood surface will deteriorate once get wet or exposed to too much sunlight.


When it comes to quality and durability, here are some of the few brands that are top rated in the market.

  1. STIGA
  2. JOOLA
  3. Kettler
  4. Cornilleau
  5. Butterfly

For budget-conscious buyers, let us help you choose some the best table tennis tables that best suit your budget. These tables were mainly for recreational purposes; these can also be a guide for beginners who would like to pursue a career in table tennis in the future. In the meantime, these tables are perfect for practice and recreation purposes only. The cost limitation does reflect the quality and game provided by the tables.

Best Ping Pong Table on a Budget- JOOLA iPong Intro Table Tennis Table

This is Joola’s most budget-friendly full-sized ping pong table. This table has an affordable price of $350, and during Black Friday sale, you can have it for as low as $200. Sad to say the low price does come with a few major downsides and some players will still prefer a better quality table.


  • 15mm Table Tennis laminate PVC Top
  • Dual safety locking devices. 2 separate halves with 4 wheels per half for easy transfer and storage.
  • Inclusive of Net and Post


  • It’s made by one of the top brands on the market- Joola.
  • It has a full size.
  • It’s easy to install.
  • Compact storage
  • With wheels that enable it to move easily.
  • Regulation compliant.


  • The material of the table top which is PVC.
  • Surface is straight and flat but has a cheap feel and a “tinny bounce”
  • It looks kind of cheap

Bottom line:

The Joola Ipong Intro table is a good suggestion for beginners and players with budget constraints. Otherwise, if you can afford for an expensive one, go for the more expensive and with higher quality. This model will not satisfy you.

Best Ping Pong Table for Families & Offices – Joola Triumph 15 indoor table with Corner Ball Holders and Magnetic Scorer

This table was designed for buyers who are looking for an affordable Ping Pong table that would still provide all the fun of playing table tennis without costing you more than a thousand dollars.


  • It features a 15mm Charcoal Painted MDF Surface
  • Comes with Corner Ball Holders (maximum of 3 balls)
  • Includes Detachable Magnetic Scoring device.
  • It has double anti-tilting device for increased safety and adjustable legs to level the table
  • It features a the two-piece table folds for easy mobility, playback mode and compact storage
  • 1-year warranty.


  • 5/8” thick top surface
  • The sleek black surface is a unique feature
  • One of the best table tennis table you can purchase under $500
  • Presence of corner ball holders and magnetic scoring device
  • Sturdy and durable materials
  • Easy to assemble
  • Full size
  • It has a play-back mode.


  • The charcoal painted surface is a unique feature but not everyone likes it.
  • Balls or paddles are not included upon purchase.

Bottom line:

This is probably the ping pong table that will give you’re the best value for your money. It can be considered as a great recreational table tennis table. It is affordable and can give a good playing surface which will lead to a competitive match.

Best Ping Pong Table for Professional Quality – STIGA SYNERGY TABLE TENNIS TABLE

The Stiga Synergy table tennis table is an above average at an average price. The table thickness which is 5/8 inch is a non-tournament level table. Despite the thickness size, it can still deliver a great consistent bounce across the table. This table is suitable for intermediate ping pong players.


  • QuickPlay chassis for faster assembly
  • It has a 5/8” black table surface
  • Consists of 1-3/4” self-operating steel legs
  • With 3” mag wheels with locks
  • With 2” steel apron with corner protectors
  • For indoor games only


  • A low-cost professional model ping pong table
  • Supreme look and design
  • Sleek surface
  • Perfect for a fancy home game room
  • Full-sized table tennis table
  • Very stable and sturdy
  • Made by STIGA
  • Easier installation and storage
  • Corner protection keep you safe from injury


  • A bit expensive
  • Needs assistance when folding
  • Balls and paddles are not included upon purchase
  • Black surface color isn’t for everyone

Bottom line:

The Stiga Synergy table tennis is a great intermediate table that embodies some of the best features of Stiga table without costing you much. You get the best value for your money with this model. It has high-quality materials and components that will offer a lifetime high-quality game. The brand itself is one of the industry leaders of creating the best table tennis tables.

Best Outdoor Ping Pong Table – Kettler Top Star XL Weatherproof Table Tennis Table Set

This is a ping pong table designed for outdoor use. It is the affordable model compared to some other outdoor table tennis brands. Still, it can provide a high-quality game that even the advanced players can enjoy. This table features a weather-proof top and anti-reflective certified true bounce tournament top.


  • It has a 7/8In patented, weatherproof ALU-TEC top with Climate Control technology
  • It is ultra-smooth, anti-reflective and certified TRUE BOUNCE tournament top.
  • Space saver technology with low center of gravity for compact storage.
  • Dual Lock Safety mechanism that will prevent accidental opening and closing
  • 5-1/2” dual wheel casters for mobility.


  • The Climate-Control technology of the table can withstand the onslaught of any rain storm.
  • The ultra-smooth top is designed for extra bounce needed for a faster play
  • Large wheels for ease-of-transport and has advanced space saver technology.


  • Not tournament ready.
  • The bounce on the table does not reach the regulation standard.
  • The assembly can be quiet complicated.
  • It requires more than one person to assemble that would take 2 hours in average.

Bottom line:

For a non-professional player, this model can be considered a good buy. You will get a good buy as it feels sturdy. With the quality of materials used, this ping pong table is made to last.

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