Top 10 of the Best Indoor Outdoor Ping Pong Table Reviews

Ping Pong is probably one of the most flexible games or sport in the world. Everyone can practically play everywhere, depending on preference. For professionals, it should be played indoor always. Indoor tables also have better playing surfaces and will stay longer as it is not exposed to natural elements and changing weather conditions.

All Ping Pong tables, indoor or outdoor have to have these features: legs, net, surface, and wheel. All other additional features will be a plus. In fact, some tables can be used for both outdoors as well. One unfortunate aspect of the most outdoor table, however, is inconsistency in its bounce because of the surface finish. Certain finishes are added to the game table to make it more durable when exposed to the elements.

For those who prefer the outdoors more frequently, it is important that you have a Ping Pong table that can withstand different weather conditions. Here is a list of the 10 best outdoor Ping Pong tables for 2018.


Kettler Champ 5.0 Outdoor Table Tennis Table

The Kettler Champ 5.0 Table Tennis Table is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It has a playback facility that allows you to practice by yourself. It also included a net, which stays on the table even when folded. It is specially coated with an ultramarine-blue-anti-dazzle surface. It has a folding mechanism with double safety lock.

Cornilleeau 500M Crossover Blue Table Tennis Table

The Cornilleau 500M Crossover Blue Table Tennis Table features a 7mm Laminate Surface with Glare Reduction providing an excellent bounce. It has a galvanized steel frame and adjustable legs. It is safe and easy to fold for storage. Plus a playback option that allows you to practice on your own. Interestingly, this model is wheelchair friendly.

Stiga XTR Outdoor Table Tennis Table

The Stiga XTR Outdoor Table Tennis Table is a highly rated model at 4.6 out of 5 stars in Amazon. It is specially designed to withstand the elements and is perfect for everyone’s patio or garage. It’s aluminum composite top offers great playability. It effortlessly folds into an ultra-compact storage position. This model is 95% preassembles out of the box for quick and easy set-up.

JOOLA Nova Outdoor Table Tennis Table

This tournament quality model is great for everybody’s deck, backyard or playground. The JOOLA Nova Outdoor Table Tennis Table is USAT approved and was made the official table brand of US Open and US Nationals Championships.

Its design is 95% preassembled from the box, taking you only 10 minutes to fully assemble and then you can play. The table has heavy-duty  3-inch wheels and feet adjustment, making it compatible with almost any terrain.

Stiga Vapor Outdoor Table Tennis Table

This skillfully engineered game table has a composite aluminum plastic top that does not warp or fade. The Stiga Vapor Outdoor Table Tennis Table will stay durable even against all outdoor elements. This model is supported by rust-resistant powder-coated metal undercarriage. It has steel legs and adjustable leg levelers.

The Stiga Vapor is easy to install as it is 90% pre-assembled upon packaging. It also conveniently folds for storage or playback positions. It conforms to tournament size standards and weighs 140 pounds.

Kettler Top Star Weatherproof Table Tennis Table

One of this game table’s top features is its aluminum composite coating with UV scratch and fade resistant water-based paint. This adds to the unit’s durability. It also features the Kettler patented technology, ALU-TEC climate control and underside that protects the table from all weather conditions.

This model measures 108 L x 60 W x 30 H inches and is lightweight at 121 pounds. It also has a patented safety fold and dual lock mechanism, which can very well prevent accidents.

Kettler Axos 1 Table Tennis Table

The Kettler Axos 1 Table Tennis Table, just like all Kettler tables, features the ALU-TEC patented technology, that protects it from all types of weather conditions. This game table offers tournament quality bounce that can withstand high-impact plays. It also has 2-inch galvanized steel legs that are powder-coated. The board is 0.87 inches thick.

Folded, this table measures 19.29 x 60 x 67 inches. It also has a playback feature when folded, allowing it to be used for practice even when playing alone. This table tennis model also has a patented safety-fold dual lock to avoid unintended closing or opening.

Kettler Match 5.0 Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Table

This game table is certified to have a tournament quality bounce. This is the only table on this list with green color, meant for both indoor and outdoor use. It has apron design cradles table top to resist warping. It has true playback feature for practice or solo play, as it has no wide gap for the ball to drop in.

Harvil Outsider Table Tennis Table

This folding game table is perfect for the space-conscious Ping Pong enthusiasts. It is made especially for outdoor use having a weather-proof, aluminum table top, supported underneath by a powder-coated steel frame.

The Harvil Outsider Table Tennis Table is equipped with sturdy, easy to lock and unlock wheels that provide both stability, mobility and convenience. It is also foldable, with a playback feature for one-player use. This table comes in a bundle, with a net and post.

Kettler #WoodPong Outdoor Table Tennis Table

This unique looking game table has a wood looking finish. This is purely for casual playing and table tennis as a hobby but with its color scheme, it will never be allowed for official tournament play. Its bounce though is within tournament standard. This table model is a little expensive for amateur casual players but it will be perfect for any big fancy room or space in the house.


Whether you are buying for leisure or for professional playing, there are a lot of brands and variants to choose from. One can always consider price as a major consideration. As expected, he serious players will be inclined to buy more expensive models than the casual players, who will most likely opt for the lesser priced items.

There is also value in terms of aesthetics, for space and design conscious homemakers. But regardless of reason or purpose of buying and all other considerations, ultimately, the choice is in any buyer’s hands.

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