Sportcraft Ping Pong Table Reviews

Ping Pong or commonly known as Table tennis is a well-loved sport all over the world. Everyone wants to have access to the equipment of the game right in their homes. This article presents different options for a table tennis table from Sportcraft.

But what are the considerations for the right Ping Pong table for you? Below is a list of factors to look at when choosing your game table:

  • Dimensions: Depending on use, and playing space size and location, sizing and weight are important factors. It also doesn’t allow a large table or too much weight. There are also times when a heavier table is much needed for intensive play.
  • Assembly: One consideration is on a person’s tool handy skills and experience. Some tables are basically done and ready to play off the bat, others require an hour or so of assembling.
  • Net: It is often said that it is the net that makes the table, and frankly, it’s quite true. A good net can make decent table good, and a bad net can make a good table mediocre. Most Ping Pong tables come with a net and post set upon purchase. But buyers can still opt to buy a net of their choice to improve play.
  • Playing Surface: This is a major consideration when choosing a game table for indoor or outdoor purposes. Some players are particular with bounce only. But is equally important to know whether or not the table offers you the playing performance you’re looking for if it is fit for even the most intensive plays.
  • Folding: Believe it or not, some tables can’t be folded, and some have insecure locks. Some also claim to be folded but it requires much time, effort and skills. Sometimes, table quality changes when the table is folded. Folding has to be carefully considered when choosing a game table.
  • Design: The Ping Pong table must aesthetically fit the playing area where it will be placed. This is a major consideration for game tables to be placed in homes.
  • Price: At the end of the day, the table that offers the best value for money will be the best for every buyer.


Sportcraft PX400

This game table model is the latest tournament sized table tennis table from Sportcraft. It folds quickly and easily for transport or storage or folds one side up for single player use. Upon purchase, the set includes a net set, four paddles, three balls and all tools required for the assembly.

It has 5 ft W x 9 ft D playing surface, four piece surface with 0.59-inch thick table top and 1.75-inch diameter folding steel legs. It also had 1.75 inch deep aprons and cover caps, smooth rolling three-inch lockable casters, and weighs 134 pounds.

The Sporftcraft PX400 comes with a 4-piece option, which can make it fit through smaller spaces during transport and can be installed in the basement or the driveway for example. It comes with a very easy to follow instruction manual that even those who are not handy with tools can assemble in a couple of hours.

However there have been reports of not being able to properly assemble the parts and cover the gaps, not enough brackets to support or hold the material amount of weight of the table, and some packaging does not include complete table parts and materials. This table tennis table model has low ratings in Amazon.

Sportcraft AMF Pro Air Piston

This table is a combination of performance and value different from any other table on the market. It has a one-inch thick coded playfield and all steel frame that creates a solid foundation that can handle intense gameplay. The Pro Air Piston is designed with the center-mounted net staying in place at all time. This makes it unnecessary to remove the net when the table is repositioned.

Apart from the top quality construction, this table’s best feature is the additional four gas actuated pistons that work together to make each table feel more than 50 pounds lighter.

The two pieces table tops are heavy and naturally difficult to lift but when the pistons are used, it can virtually allow anybody to raise and lower the table tops into standard playback or storage position.

Sportcraft Pipeline

The Pipeline is the best Ping Pong table that offers value for money. This game table delivers tournament grade performance with the center-mounted net, durable and thick play surface and upgraded professional style accessories.

Here are the key features of the product:

  • Heavy duty stamped steel leg and frame components fit tightly together to produce unmatched stability
  • 100% laminated play surface is shrouded with a textured material to produce dynamic bounce and help create technical spin shots
  • The table can be folded up half-way for practice or folded up completely for compact storage footprint
  • 2 deluxe “pips-in” paddles feature tacky rubber and 1mm sponge for mind-blowing ball spin and control
  • 3 high-visibility orange 40mm 3-star table tennis balls bounce cleanly and consistently

Sportcraft Game Master 2-Piece

This table would require at least 2 persons to assemble because of its heavy weight. Once you know how it’s done, then you’ll find it easy to do. Also aside from the weight, the table is of great quality and is very sturdy.

The table allows for easy folding on both storage and playback. It is designed in tournament size and separated in two pieces of 5′ x 9′ Playfield with 1″ thick surface.

Sportcraft AMF Fury

The Sportcraft AMF Fury is a competition style, a regulation-sized table designed for competitive play at 108 L x 60 W  x 30 H inches. It has a single folding chassis feature of two independent table halves for easy storage and set up.

The surface is coated in water-resistant laminate and is 1 inch thick. It has commercial quality 4-inch swivel caster locks that keeps the table in place.

This table model comes with a net and post set, four pips-in paddles, six orange 40mm balls, and a 90-day warranty upon purchase.

Sportcraft Marquis

This table is very firm and sturdy. It can provide good safety which can be important if you have kids in your house. Nonetheless, the table is quite heavy and it will require at least 2 adults to assemble and set everything up.

Once the table is up, you will have a lot of fun to play with it. You may roll the table to your desired location, lock the casters, and drop the 2-half of the table and you are ready to play. The table features with a laminated playing area which can offer you with consistent bounce and speed. One disadvantage is the table lines are actually tape instead of painted. However, it is not a big deal as it won’t have any effect when playing on it.


Sportcraft has delivered a lot of good, high value for money tables through time. Depending on personal preference, there is a table tennis table model for everyone. The choice is yours to make!

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