Sevylor Coleman K1 Inflatable Kayak Review

Sevylor aims to make high-quality, affordable inflatable water sport and recreation products, all of which encourage people to get outside and have fun.

You would be shocked by the number of inflatable kayak products in the market today.  But that fact is a double edge sword. Most people think that a diversity of kayaks gives you a bigger area of choices, but the truth is, it will only give you a hard time to choose what is best for you.

Let us simplify those choices and make it easier for you to decide and eventually make a purchase the one that fits your needs and your capacity.


Sevylor Coleman Inflatable Kayak

We will be talking about Sevylor which is a relatively new manufacturer with quite an interesting resume. These guys might be new to the kayak industry, but they are some of the pioneering innovators in the area of water sports. From zodiacs to floating sofas, Sevylor has made it all and experience is in their back pocket with their products like zodiacs and floating sofas.

Let us take a closer look at the Sevylor inflatable kayak features and performance. Should you trust this inflatable kayak newbie in terms of its features?


  • The Sevylor Coleman inflatable kayak K1 is NMMA certified & fits 1 person
  • 21-gauge PVC construction is rugged for lake use
  • Double Lock valves use 2 locking points for easy inflation and deflation
  • Backrest allows you to lean back and enjoy the ride
  • Tarpaulin bottom provides durable protection from punctures
  • Multi-position footrest lets you find your most comfortable position
  • It has a protected storage area lets you safely store items with bungees
  • Cup holder keeps your drink close at hand
  • Carry handles make it easy for the kayak to be carried in and out of the water
  • Inflated dimensions: 8’7″ x 3′
  • 400 lbs. maximum weight capacity

An Overview:

Being inflatable and at the same time a ‘sit on top kayak’, the Coleman K1 is definitely your ordinary kayak. When we talk about the ‘sit on top’ kayaks, they have an open cockpit which purpose is to make it easier for paddlers to get on and off the boat whenever they need. This kayak is perfect for swimmers as it can be used as a diving platform or even a paddleboard if they want.

Quality.  The best way to test the quality of the kayak is to experience it personally. But we are giving the Coleman K1 the upper hand here because it is the latest product of the Sevylor Coleman K1 that comes with a rich background in the inflatable sports equipment.

The Coleman K1 is made of industrial grade PVC material which is high in durability. This kayak is developed for water environments like lakes, rivers and even the open sea without the risks of damaging it. The bottom part of this inflatable kayak is made of tarpaulin resulting in a stronger and puncture resistant unit.

Tarpaulin is basically one of the strongest, water-proof, fire retardant materials available in the market and it is everything you’ll need to keep your kayak floating. Given that this kayak is inflatable, it doesn’t mean that this kayak can’t take a beating.

This inflatable kayak can endure rocky rivers. It is also flexible than any solid kayak out there. The inflation and deflation of this kayak are plain and simple. This product comes with a hand pump that is also portable.

Once deflated, the Coleman K1 is small enough to fit in a backpack which makes it easy to store and transport. Its flexible and compact design is an additional advantage compared to other traditional kayaks and canoes.

What makes this kayak more interesting is that it has five air chambers (2 large, 3 small) keeping the Quikpak K1 buoyant. In some instances where one gets punctured, you will have other space chambers to keep the boat and yourself afloat until you reach the land.

To prevent any air leaks from happening, the Coleman K1 features the Airtight system. The Double Lock valves integrated into the boat brings an efficient inflation and deflation before and after use.

Features. Be amazed at the features of the Coleman K1 and be serious in considering getting this kayak.

The Coleman K1 measures 103 inches in length of 36 inches in width. The overall weight is 19 lbs. At an affordable price, this kayak is equipped with all that you are looking for in an inflatable kayak. For first time users, the simple design of this kayak is definitely one of the best features of this inflatable kayak. This makes the kayak easy to maneuver and exit whenever needed.

The color combination of the design is very well done, and the branding is not that overwhelming or exaggerated just like the other brands available in the market. The plain and simple color schemes together with the printed brand name make the inflatable kayak sporty.

The cockpit is developed for easier access, but it’s also designed with adjustable seats to hold to paddlers of all sizes.

Another distinct feature of the Coleman K1 is the adjustable seat which offers more comfortable than it looks. The use of added support is optional on this seat. The flexible seat is a unique feature of K1.

This inflatable kayak comes with a designated cargo holder where you can transport anything from your sandals to kayak repair kit to fishing gear.

Performance. Aside from the type of kayak and its intended application, the performance also depends largely influenced by how solid the build of the inflatable kayak is.

Most of the target of the kayak companies are beginners and newbie paddlers, that is the reason why inflatables value safety and stability before speed and agility. However, the Coleman K1 inflatable kayak is still a solid performer on flat water and not advisable in whitewater. That is because of the kayak’s flat bottom is designed for better maneuverability and paddle stability.

The performance of the kayak also depends on the weight it carries. The Coleman K1 has a maximum weight capacity of 400 lbs. Though it is designed to be a one-seater kayak, it can hold up to two full grown adults without affecting its capability. 

Packaging. The Coleman K1 inflatable kayak comes in a fully-inclusive package with everything you need to maintain your boat. These include a high-pressure hand pump for inflation of the kayak. The product includes a custom backpack carry bag for easy transport and storage. And the carry bag has its own unique feature wherein you can transform it into a seat support for cockpit comfort.

The backpack or carry bag is also adjustable to fit the collapsible paddle which is included upon purchase. The paddle is one of the best in the market because of its lightweight feature, durable and easy storage. The Coleman K1 is worth your money. Aside from the affordability, it is easy to use and more durable than the inline inflatable kayaks.


  • The most attractive feature about this product is the fact that it is so flexible and user-friendly. It’s not important on whether you’re a beginner or an experienced paddler, for this kayak will never fail in delivering what you need from a kayaking experience.
  • The overall construction quality is definitely a big plus for the Coleman K1 as it is made to be virtually indestructible. This kayak can handle pretty much anything.
  • Lastly, the basic features of this kayak making it fully equipped with everything you’ll need to man your boat. That is something you won’t see in most kayaks out there.


  • It doesn’t have the Sevylor Quikpak K1 tracking system. This kayak, however, will perform as good as any as long as you help it maintain a steady trajectory with your paddle.

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