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First, let us start with an overview about what a foosball table is, its popularity, including its size and types. After which, let us proceed with the identification of the space and size considerations before purchasing a foosball table.

A foosball table is a miniature version of a real soccer field. It is rectangular in shape; there is a goal, a line of defenders and two offensive lines. You cannot alter the offensive or defensive position of the player’s length on the table. However, you can adjust their position width way across the court. Just like in the real soccer game, this table has a center point where the ball is placed at the start of every game and after each goal. The player controls the four rods where foosmen are securely fastened.

The foosball table is divided into two distinct sides just like in the traditional soccer game. The two players will stand on the side of the table and control his team with a series of four rods upon which the foosmen are attached. The main goal is very easy. You have to work with your foosmen to pass the ball and in the end, shoot and score before the opponent does. Most games last up to 10 points, but the number can be lowered down depending on the players. That how simple the game is, you can just focus on having fun.

There are many varieties of foosball tables in the market. The variation depends on the location and the purpose of playing. For enthusiasts who are looking for something portable, a mini tabletop version is available for you. These portable ones are perfect for camping and outdoor trips. Most of the foosball table is designed to be played indoors. There are also outdoor all-weather versions that are available in the market that can stand up to the elements. For your home to accommodate the space that you have in your game room, there are many sizes available in the market. Recreation, competition and tournament tables are on display.

Foosball has become popular because anyone can play, it does not require any athletic abilities. The desire to have fun is the only thing needed.

Now that you already have the idea of the foosball table game, let us proceed to the familiarization of the necessary considerations before you do the purchase. Primarily, aside from the dimension of the foosball table that best suits you, it is also important to know the space available for your table. That is one of the disappointments we want to avoid, buying an oversized foosball table that will not fit in your game room.


Before looking for the best foosball table, it is important to plan ahead by understanding how much space you will need to set it up. It does not matter whether it will be placed on your home basement or game room or on your bar, as long as it fits, you are ready for it. Like when you are trying to measure a pool table, you also need enough space allowance not only for the table but also for the players to actually play the game table. Again, that last thing that you like to do is buy a foosball table, assemble it, and then find out in the end that you don’t have enough room to pull the rods back without hitting your walls.

A foosball table may be bigger than you expected. It is a solid and substantial piece of kit. Therefore; you won’t just need a space for the table itself. Even if you have enough room that will allow you to pull the rods right back without hitting walls and seats, you must also consider adding space for the players of the game and move around freely. Just like in playing a pool table, you want enough space for people to move back and away from the table. If you will be placing your table in a bar or any busy location, consider the areas next to the table so it does not cause disruption, accidents or perhaps arguments.


The standard regulation size of a foosball table is 56 inches in length, 30 inches wide and a height of 36 inches. Some compact or scaled down mini foosball table versions are also available in the market, but most of the full-size standard tables are around 5 feet long and 2 feet and 6 inches wide. The size of the goal is 8.375 wide and the rods are approximately 6 inches apart.

The International Table Soccer Federation has approved standard dimensions for a foosball table.

Here is a table stating the size equivalent to its dimension.

Size Specific Dimension of Foosball Table
56 inches Length
30 inches Width
36 inches Height
48 inches x 27 inches Size of the playfield
4.25 inches  depth of the playfield
1.5 inches Thickness of  the two side walls
3.75 inches Thickness of the two back walls
8.375 inches x 3 inches Goal
6 inches Space between the rods
6 inches Spacing between the back wall and goalie  rod
3.125 inches Height of rods
200 lbs Weight

You need to give the players enough space around the table to use the proper stance and express themselves while playing. A space allowance of about 3-1/2 to 4 feet around the sides of the table should be given to the players.


Aside from the table dimensions, check the designs you are considering. Where is the direction of the return ball? A table which features a side ball return can save some space if the length of your playing area is limited. With that, you can push the end of the table up against the wall. With the end ball return feature, players will need space to each around the table to retrieve the ball.

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