MG42 airsoft machine gun

MG42 airsoft machine gun, or Maschinengewehr 42 is a famous belt-fed machine gun that was used by the Wehrmacht in World War II. It is known for its extreme high rate of fire, around 1200 rounds per minute (rpm), which is significantly higher than any other weapon before it.

The overall design bears some similarities with MG34, but internally they are different designs. The receiver is shorter due to the lack of barrel change mechanism and the buttstock looks more like “stick” rather than MG34’s spade grips. Barrel changing procedure is also much faster as explained below the video.

  Video 1 – Changing the barrels on an MG42

  A German soldier demonstrates how to change both barrels on an MG42 machinegun. The whole operation can be done in less than 15 seconds by one man, even under the combat conditions. The German soldier wears gloves here to protect his hands from excessive heat which is not needed for this type of weapon. He first grabs the barrel with the cloth which also protects his hand and then he rotates it 90 degrees (1) . The second part of process is to pull out old barrel (2) . A new replacement barrel would be inserted back into its place after placing MG ready ammunition belt around it (3).

  Video 2 – Changing the barrels on an MG34

  An American soldier tries to do the same thing but fails miserably because his gloves are too thick. This shows that Germans were using high-quality raw materials and were not cutting any corners when it comes to their gear. The way this man holds the MG34 barrel is also very dangerous since his hands are pretty close to the machine gun’s chamber. In addition, he opens the top cover while operating which was a common mistake among American GIs . They assumed that it will stop the barrel from overheating but in fact, it only ensures that extra heat goes inside instead of going out.

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