Inversion Table Benefits

An inversion table is a device that enables a person to be suspended in an upright position in order to decompress the spine, to rejuvenate the discs, relieve pressure on the nerves, realign the spine and release muscle tension. This inversion technique is called Inversion Therapy.

In the field of fitness and exercise, an inversion table provides stretching, lengthening, flexibility and meditation. The familiarity of these features is similar to Yoga.

Inversion table therapy creates a perfect stretch that enhances spinal health and targets primarily the back pain. Unlike surgery and other kinds of treatment, using an inversion table is a gentle, best way to cure pain at the source and care for all weight-bearing joints.

Back pain nowadays is one of the common conditions experienced in our everyday lives. It is because any improper action can easily lead to back pain. Aside from being sedentary for 8 hours in a corporate world, for example, an improper lifting, not bending your knees correctly or just browsing at you smartphone for a long period of time will give you back pain.

Be informed. You can always avoid the risks if you are careful and cautious. But, if you can’t prevent it from happening it is essential to apply an immediate solution before your pain gets worse.

This is why the availability of an inversion table is an advantage at home. If your pain is not that severe, an inversion table will help you ease the pain. But if your back problem is indescribable and may consider surgery, it is best that you consult a doctor the soonest.

The inversion table is restricted to people with certain conditions. It is not for everyone. People with cardiovascular disorders, eye and ear infections, cerebral sclerosis, having a pregnancy, obesity, fractures, and osteoporosis are not allowed to use the device. These people should avoid using inversion tables unless recommended by their doctor. Provided that your doctor or a professional gave a customized treatment plan, it’s now safe to use an inversion table.

The invention of an inversion table does not focus on back pain alone; it extends to more well-being and goodness of your body.

The following list of advantages can be your guide on why an inversion table is a must-have;


1)    Rehydrate Discs

While doing some activities like sitting, exercising, standing, or simply lifting weights, fluid is squeezed out of your discs and into nearby soft tissue. This activity results in a little lose in height of the discs. Clinical research shows that when you are inverted, the separation between the vertebrae increases. This activity allows the moisture absorption into the soft tissue of the discs, increasing the nutrient content as well as plumbing the discs for better shock absorption and flexibility.

2)    Reduce Nerve Pressure

Pinched nerve or nerve root entrapment is caused by the damage to the discs or degeneration of the discs. The extension of the nerves to the body can bring pain that radiates to extremities. It is through increased hydration to the discs, which we get during inversion, the discs plumps in height, thus increasing the separation between vertebrae and lessen the pinching on the nerve roots.

3)    Realign the Spine

Misalignment happens when the body weight is no longer supported by an alignment of bones resulting in the gravity resistance of the soft tissue of the body. A simple everyday carrying of shoulder bags or wearing of high heels can cause misalignment. A sport that is one-sided and rotational like tennis puts a powerful stress on the spine and might develop muscles on a single side of the body. When inverted, the pressure off the vertebrae and with some little stretching, the vertebra has the opportunity to move back into alignment.

4)    Relax Tensed Muscles

Circulation increased as muscles are gently stretched. It is advised that the stretch to the muscles while inverted allowed the circulation to enter the sore muscle, bringing oxygen-rich blood. An inversion therapy stimulated the lymph system, to avoid toxin build-up.

5)    Stress Reliever

Stress and tension can bring pain and muscle spasms in the back, neck, and shoulders. The muscle tenses and this lessens blood flow in neck muscles, shoulders and back which brings pain to the mentioned area.

For a long period of time yoga practitioners have acknowledged the concept of turning the body upside down to find relaxation. Not everyone has the ability to do a headstand.  That is why inversion table equipment delivers an easy alternative with the added benefits.

6)    Improve Joint Health

Decompression helps in joint lubrication by changing the pressure and suction forces within the joint; it allows the stimulation of the fluid that nourishes the cartilage and improves shock absorption. Strong ligaments and muscles are important in joint support. Even the military is practicing an upright position post daily activities to mitigate joint fatigue injuries.

7)    Increase Flexibility

Stiff muscles or joints can cause imbalances. Improper body mechanics and an increased likelihood of injury are the results of these imbalances. An inversion table gives a natural stretch that gently lengthens muscles and decompresses joints, enhancing muscle efficiency and improving mobility and flexibility.

8)    Improve fitness & build core strength

Many of the training exercises are created to build core strength must be performed with great accuracy or they will injure your back. Inverted routines can target every core muscle without adding risks. Squats on inversion tables provide a unique leg work out and strengthening the hamstrings.

9)    Good Posture

Good posture is important to your health. It is also a big factor in maintaining your appearance. It helps the body maintain balance and stay aligned. With the use of an inversion table, your spine is realigned stretch out the muscles that have become short. That is why with the regular use of an inversion table, you increase your height.

10)    Savings in Time and Money

A regular exercise helps keep a healthy life. A healthy life keeps you away from sickness and medical expenses. An inversion table can provide you with a simple routine of regular exercise which can make you strong healthy.


An inversion therapy is an effective, short-term pain relief from symptoms of back pain. It is relatively affordable, though not all insurance providers will cover the cost of equipment.

Inversion therapy is not considered as a guaranteed method of treatment, only as a supplement to medical advice by the doctor. Before doing an inversion therapy you must ask for advice or made a consultation with a professional, it is better than feel sorry in the end.

Patients should not treat inversion therapy as a long-term treatment option or a way to avoid medical treatment. A professional’s advice is always favorable of your well-being.

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