Human Foosball Table

You are probably familiar with the popular tabletop game of foosball. Now imagine this – you are the player in the field, with six other people on your team working together to control the ball. Both of your hands are always on the bar and respect each of the players, these are the basic rules of human foosball. 

Human foosball is a sport gaining notoriety for team building, birthday party, family outings or just kicking back with some friends after work. There are facilities all around the world with sized foosball fields that offer rentals, that is if you don’t have much time to build your own.

With the guide I will be giving, you will discover the rules, building plans, facilities and some history of the sport. Pretty sure that you will walk away with a bigger picture the human foosball has to offer. You may not know it, this will lead you to play human foosball this weekend.

Human Foosball: An Overview

Human foosball is nothing more than a regular foosball, only life-sized!

The field measures at about 32 feet long and 16 ft wide. The rods are positioned stretching across the field while the players, referring to you, hold on the rods in set positions. The number of players varies depending on how you customize it because you are building your own. Generally, it follows the table game closely. For a fun game you can play with at least 10 or 14, again it depends on you.

When is the best time to play foosball? It is best during team building, school activities, costume parties, and just a weekend reunion. Human foosball is played with many players. So, when you have enough friends or family, go get the full experience.


The following are the official human foosball rules;

  1. BOTH HANDS ALWAYS ON THE BAR. When the ball is in play, players cannot let go of the bar.
  2. NO HANGING. Players cannot lower their chin under the height of the bar.
  3. RESET FOR ROLL-IN. Preceding to the referee throwing the ball back into the game, the mid-filed rows must have their game bars touching the wall, opposite to the referee’s position.
  4. IF YOU CANNOT CONTROL, KEEP THE BALL LOW. Players cannot be hit above their shoulders. Whether it is intentional or not, regardless of which team did the kicking, it is an automatic foul.
  5. WE WELCOME CHICKEN WINGS. This is referring to the use of arms to block the ball, as long as your hands still hold the bar.
  6. PLAY FAIRLY. If the referee notices that a team is deliberately kicking the ball out of the bounds, Referee will stop the game and give a warning.  A penalty will be given to the team with a foul.
  7. STRATEGY CARDS. Submit your team’s strategy cards or line up to the referee before each game.
  8. REFEREES’ WORD IS FINAL. Respect the referees. Everyone having fun trumps competition.


  • Unenclosed.

The easiest type to set up and the cheapest version to play. It is the most popular of the three. All you have to do is to set up cones for the goals and have the players hold the PVC pipe. This type of human foosball is played without barriers.

  • Custom Built.

With custom built, there were cases that they use wood, netting, cardboard and house siding as enclosures. There are a lot of creative ways, it really depends on your budget and creativity.

  • Inflatable and Facility Rentals

A lot of companies offer rentals of inflatable fields and some facilities who have professionally built human foosball fields for rental. These are sold by companies and will go and set up the inflatable field at your house and after renting for a day, they will also be the one to uninstall and pull it out for you. The inflatable rental is more expensive than the field rental but chooses the one which gives you comfort. The advantage of visiting a facility is that the fields are well-built, sturdy and you don’t have to be stressed with the rental availability and schedule, unlike in the companies that offer inflatables.

Here is a list of some facilities that offer human foosball fields;

  • WeFooz Human Foosball
  • Great American Human Foosball
  • Kick it Foos
  • River Eagle


Below is a standard diagram for a human foosball table. The materials used vary depending on you. But most people use wood and construction netting. Some people who are residing in rural areas use hay bales. Again, you can be creative in making a make-shift foosball field. What is important is that the main features will be present on your foosball field.

It is important to choose the right rods running across the field. Make sure that those rods are light with a maximum weight of 8 pounds. Imagine that the game will run for 10-15 minutes, this means that you will carry 2 lbs of weight as it is divided among players.

In an enclosed human foosball, you should focus on the sliding room. It is more enjoyable for players to move across their area in getting the ball. Wooden 2×4’s with PVC pipe slide over them seems to be a better option. Some groups use a rope with PVC pie over it instead. The rope was anchored into the ground on the outside of the wooden pallets so that they will not sag or break. The hand grip is important for stability and gameplay among players. You must glue the rope to the pipes and slide it for reach.


Aside from the actual rules in playing human foosball, you can always add some twists just for fun.  Some put blindfolds on the players making it harder to hit the ball. This will create laughter when you see the players kicking on thin air.

If so happen that there are more players available in the game place, you can add more players and at the same time add extra balls to spice up the gameplay.  

Use your imagination! There are a lot of things you can do to make the game more fun and enjoyable.


The games’ goal is to build sportsmanship, camaraderie, promote fitness and impact lives. Yep, basically, it is more than just a game.

During the game when you are in the arena playing with your team, you work together as one. Communicating, passing the ball to one player unto another, moving as one unit and having fun makes your team stronger and eventually win.

Foosball game allows you to sweat and burn some calories as a team. It can be a good workout.

That’s it! Thank you for reading until the end of this guide. I hope you have gained a deeper understanding of this game. Human foosball is easy and fun, that’s basically what you asked for in a game.

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