Harvard Foosball Table Reviews

Are you someone who loves football or soccer but can’t be on the field to play along? If you are, then you’re in the right place because I will tell you more how you can enjoy your favorite sport in the comforts of your home.

Foosball is the name of the game. It is one of the tabletop games that was based on football. This game is like a miniature football wherein you’ll have to move the ball into the opponent’s goal using the control knobs. Harold Searles Thorton was the one who patented the game back in 1921. He invented the game due to the football popularity in Europe. Since people loved the game so much, he decided to make a game that anyone can enjoy at the luxury of their homes.

One of the most popular and affordable foosball tables are from the brand Harvard. It is well known because anyone can assemble them easily and the parts are readily available.

The Harvard foosball tables are usually made of MDF particle board. This kind of material is not that good for heavy matches or competitions but is definitely ideal for people that want to have fun. If you are wondering what gift or present you wanted to give someone, this one is ideal too.

Here are this list and details of Harvard Foosball tables:


Harvard G01341W Rematch Soccer Table

One of the most expensive and popular Foosball table from Harvard is the  Harvard G01341W Rematch Soccer Table. This table is made of MDF play bed that uses chrome-plated crossbars and provides strength. The octagonal wooden handle on the chrome bars gives grip and easy support. With the solid and square shaped legs, definitely can bear weight. Its black tapered leg design makes it elegant and attractive. Playing on this table is much easier with the cup holders on every side and its 3-goalie system. The table height can be elevated but non-adjustable. The hollow steel rods helps the players moving and rotations smoothly. Just ensure to take care of the sharp edges of the ball collection box.

This table can be assembled easily with  2 soccer balls. No way the ball could get stuck because it was designed with no dead spots and a manual scoring system. Indeed, it’s one of the best Harvard foosball tables. A table good for kids and adults.

Harvard G01808W Goal Getter Soccer Table

Known as the goal setter table. This natural wood finished and sturdy table can hold heavy matches. It is one of the most beautiful designs of the Harvard foosball tables. The cabinet walls are heavy laminated wood. Made of PVC laminated field, the ball can move evenly with the robot style foosball players. The ball collection box and octagonal wooden foosball handles with thumb index are smooth that makes it easy to use. The steel rods are hollow for a smooth bushing. The legs are 5-inch square and have chrome steel tube cross bars. It has a wood bead abacus style scorer and the chrome cup holders are flipped down. Apparently, this table is heavier than the others but it has adjustable legs for better customization. The soccer balls are black and white. It is determined as one of the elegant tables from Harvard.

Harvard Black Deca Foosball Table

This classy and elegant looking foosball table was designed to captivate everyone. It can be in just one corner of your place and surely your friends and family will love it. It has sturdy construction and the legs of the table have levelers and made of medium density fiberboard. With the hollow steel rods and fitted octagonal handles, it’ll give a perfect grip. The paneling is glossy black and the trims are silver. It definitely is a perfect match to it ’s black and glossy red players that were arranged in a 5-3- 2-3 form. Considered as one of the affordable tables from Harvard.

Harvard 4-Foot Foosball Table

Best for kids and still can be used by adults. One of the kid-sized foosball table from Harvard is the Harvard 4-Foot Foosball Table. If you are in a small space or trying to save space yet you want to have fun once in a while, this table is a perfect catch. It is lightweight and a perfect height for kids to play. Since it is lightweight, guaranteed you can move it anywhere you want to at ease. The paneled legs provide balance and reduce toppling while you or your kids are playing on it. The handles on the rods are made of black rubber which is safe for kids and the players were painted colorfully for the kid’s attraction. It has a slide scorer for easier scoring. Rolling the ball between players goes smoothly because of the leveled and very smooth playing field. Having the quality and design, the table price can be reasonable too.

Harvard NXG Foosball Table

If you are looking for a stylish yet competitive type of foosball table, then this one’s for you. The dimensions are similar to the carrom foosball table but totally different features.  The ball collection box is located on the sides, unlike the other foosball tables that are on the opposite ends. It was purposely made to allow players catching the ball easier while playing. This table looks like you were on the real soccer field because of its stylish black playing field and the players are red and white. The horseshoe cabinet has a blonde wood and red trim. The legs are angled that’s more like a European design. It has an abacus sliding scorer. It is affordable but comparing to other Harvard foosball tables it is a little pricey.

These are just a few of foosball tables available worldwide. So, if you want to have fun at the luxury of your homes these Harvard foosball tables are definitely something that you would look for.  They make great designs of foosball that you can give as a gift plus the ease of playing of these tables and its simplicity. It is definitely a good choice.

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