Full Size Foosball Table

If you are looking for a fun way of spending your night with friends or even a way to let off steam from the strenuous working week, perhaps a game of foosball can do the trick. It is a welcoming treat for teenagers as well as adults to play and show off some skills. For those amateur game enthusiast or professionally playing blokes, they would prefer a full-size table to play on while having some pretty satisfying workout too.

Just as the players need competence, eagerness and agility for the game of foosball an equally important consideration is the equipment. The table should definitely be as capable and as the players themselves. The handle bars should respond at every pull or twist as well as identically follow a coordinated performance from rod-to-rod to man-to-man action all within every corner of ball rolling play area. Another point to get across to is the capability of taking a full force attack by delivering the ball precisely as the player commands it across the opponent’s goal area.



Harvard-Mid fielder

Described as a solid table for a serious game room, this model is the best investment for experts in the world of foosball game. One of the classics in the array of full size foosball table, it is made in the dimensions of 54.75 inches in length, 34.5 inches in height and 30.75 inches in width. This heavy duty table weighs an approximate of 186 pounds with a 5-inch square legs reinforced with chrome tube bars for better balance and functionality.  It is fashioned with leg levers to ensure a good play on the surface and an octagonal wooden handle with steel rods of chrome plated surface for a sleek awesomely enjoyable game. Such precision and purpose-driven design for this model equips an interesting side ball return function not found in other table brands all over the world.

Harvard-Goal Getter

This model features a green soccer field with a PVC laminated play bed and large laminated aprons for added structural stability. The legs are in a pentagonal shaped 3 ¾ inch post size with adjustable levers. It is designed with robot style foosball men along with black powder-coated ½ inch hollow steel rods on smooth bushings. A fascinating style added is the end ball return on both ends of the table. When assembled the measurements are 54 inches in length, 26.625 inches in width and 34 inches in height with a total weight of 82 pounds.

Tornado Sport

A great choice for both amateur and professional game players, this table is a one of a kind add on in the family entertainment room. Young kids or adults can indulge themselves in this game table for either a competitive game or just for some kind of clean fun game. The table weighs around 205 pounds with measurements of 56 inches in length, 30 inches in width and 36 inches in height off the floor. The model is made from a 1-inch thick Melamine Mahogany with cabinet and strong legs with levers. Rated with the highest stars by avid purchasers of the brand, proud owners rave of its worth to be included with those highly functional and prestigious designs by the manufacturer.


An ideal table for both adults and teenagers that comes highly recommended along with free accessories. From just a casual to competitive play among beginners, intermediate or even professionals this model has both stylish and sturdy construction. It has beautifully engineered wood with a stunning finish to deliver a long-lasting fashionable look. It has a screen-printed play area with clear and attractive graphics. To ensure maximum resistance on friction play and scratches from rough gaming the surface is covered in polyresin material and the solid steel rods add up smoother action. It measures 56 inches in length, 30 inches in width and 34 inches in height. The weight of the total assembly is 138.85 pounds. The table includes solid legs that keeps it well balanced on the floor even on intense games. An interesting add on to the product is the set of pockets for easy ball retrieval and integrated drink holders that don’t get in the way of each game.

Shelti Pro Foos II

This model is a deluxe foosball table with precise specifications as professional or commercial use coupled  with the highest quality for your game room. It is a counterbalanced table with high-grade players on angled foot. It is set on a marvelous sandstone with an exterior laminate having dimensions of only 55.25 in length, 30 inches in width and 36 inches in height. It has triple-fastened MDF walls, case-hardened and machine-trued QPQ-treated steel rods in tuned with a rugged ABS polymer on the players.

Now that you have chosen the table that suits your preference to finish a set would mean considering the adequate space needed. Whether you are planning to put it in a massive game room or an extra space in the living area it is not just about if it can fit in. The area should be wide enough to provide adequate leg room for the players. It is such an unfortunate event to set up the bought item only to find out that there is not enough space to pull back the rods during the game because it is cramped against the wall. A standard full size table is about 2 ½ feet wide by nearly 5 feet in length. Specifications include a 30 inches in width, 56 inches in length and 36 inches in height plotted in a room for people to actually play efficiently with a measurement add on of about 3 ½ to 4 feet on each side of the table. One last thing to consider is to check the side ball return feature of the table to ensure that you just have enough space for it. With all this crossed out on your checklist you can be ready to play and have fun on either a weekday night cap or partying all night weekends.

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