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Foosball, also known as table football, is a tabletop game based on one of the most popular sports in the world- soccer. Just like in the soccer game, Foosball is generally composed of two teams consisting of 2-11 players depending on the size of the foosball table available. The objective of the game is to make a score in the goal by guiding the ball against the opponent. Unlike in the real soccer game, the game is controlled by the hands, not by the feet.

There are six main variations of foosball table around the globe. These are the American, Czech Republic, French, German, Italian and Spanish type.

The game has evolved for more than 100 years and the change varies depending on what region or country you are in. Modernization and some architecture influence the change in the design and to the type of wood used to construct the table. These variations in the construction of the foosball table greatly affect the actual style on how the game is played ranging from fast to slow and more strategic.

With this evolution of the game, in 2002, the governing body of foosball known as the International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF) has been thriving to sustain the rules and standards on how the game is played around the globe. They even provide the brand of the table to be used in professional tournaments. The organization created some game rules so as to make the game competitive and the same time recreational.

The ITSF endorses foosball tables that qualify the requirements for international competition. This non-profit organization is based in France. The ITSF organizes and promotes the World Cup and Multi-Table Championships which takes place twice a year.

With a large number of foosball table variants in the market today, there is an existing table that measures almost 7 meters and can cater 11 players. But, standard foosball tables don’t come in such grand dimensions which makes it impossible for you to buy one for your home.

Measurements of a Foosball Table

In a standard foosball table, each team is composed of 11 foosmen arrange in a particular formation. The formation varies depending on what type of size of table you want. Foosmen refers to the human figures attached to rods which are handled by the layers. The foosmen were arranged horizontally on the game table. The role of the player is to hold the rods guide the foosmen to gain control of the ball until you score.

Like what I said earlier, the foosball table varies in its dimensions. Some tables are available for four players; some can manage a bigger number of players. Did you know that according to the Guinness World Records, the longest foosball table in the world measures 101 meters or 331 ft and 4 inches? The said table can accommodate 334 participants at a time.

The ITSF approved a standard dimension for foosball tables. The table below will show the list of the approved dimensions.

Average for specific Dimension Size
Length 56 inches
Width 30 inches
Height 36 inches
Play field size 48 inches x 27 inches
Play field depth 4.25 inches
Thickness of side walls 1.5 inches
Thickness of back walls 3.75 inches
Goal 8.375 inches x 3 inches
Space between the rods 6 inches
Spacing between back wall and goalie rod 6 inches
Height of rods 3.125 inches
Weight 200 lbs

Foosball tables are made out of a variety of woods. Some of the popular choices that are commonly found in the market include Maple, Walnut and Honey Oak.

There are different types of foosball table. Some of which have sloped edges and corners to avoid the ball from getting stuck. There were tables consisting 3 goalies to make sure that the ball can be easily reached by the foosmen.

In addition, aside from identifying the dimensions of the foosball table that you need, you must also put into consideration the space for your foosball table. You must understand how much room size you need in your house, or game room and basement so that you can plan your space to fit a foosball table properly.  The only thing you don’t want to experience is that after buying a table, setting it up and then eventually, you find out that you hit the wall every time you pull the rods back. It is a sad thing.

We hope that with the guide and information mentioned, you are now enriched with ideas about the foosball game and more importantly you have a comprehensive understanding of the standard dimension of a foosball table and some considerations to think about before purchasing one.

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