Easton Foosball Table

You might have heard of table football or table soccer, right? In the Northern America they call it a foosball. Pretty cool, huh?! So,  this game works by aiming the ball to move it into the  opponent’s goal.  It was invented by Harold Searles Thorton back in 1921 due to  football’s popularity in Europe. There are several brands or manufactured foosball tables. One of the most well known are the Harvard foosball tables. But, No! I am not going to talk about them.  This article is all about Easton Foosball tables.

One of the most professional and the safest foosball tables are from Easton foosball table. Which is being offered exclusively  by the well known  Warrior Table Soccer. Ensuring the years of perfect and fun filled play for you and your family, these foosball tables are made from the  highest quality components. The warrior table  is also considered as the official foosball table of the professional foosball tour because of its pro tour grade. Not only that Warrior Table Soccer sells the foosball tables but they completely have all the sets of the foosball parts such as, foosball rods, foosball balls, foosball handles, supplies and other foosball accessories.

You can also take advantage of the ideal price on a brand new Easton foosball table. They have invested many  years of researching, developing and being innovative. Warrior Foosball Tables rapidly became the best selling or should I say the number one foosball table in the whole world. Specifically designed for by the president of the Warrior Table Soccer and by Brendan Flaherty, who was a thirty six year Foosball veteran. The Warrior table has been considered as the official table for the Professional Foosball Tour. It is a top quality, perfectly durable and is a player friendly table that has been made for the professional players of foosball. Not just that, it is the most affordable  and is ideal for  youth programs. The distinctive cabinets gives you a quick and easy  assembling using one simple tool in just 25 minutes. Plus,  the Warrior definitely delivers their products at the doorstep, office or home, wherever would that be.

Being the best foosball table in Easton PA, Easton foosball tables are well known all over the United States. In fact, they are the only professional foosball tables that are recognized by ITSF and USTSF organizations. The Warrior Table Soccer  proudly says that  their “Rod Guards” takes the danger out of the game by omitting the possibility of any injuries to children and adults or should I say young adults. It is the plastic clear tubing that covers those rods that was certainly designed for safety. Their tag line says “NO other table does!” The adjustable levelers are durable, and has a rubberized feet. It prevents the table from sliding when playing. The new swivel designs keeps leveling on any area better. The Split bearing allows a faster and powerful shots.  One more thing that makes the Warrior tables stand out is that their foosball bearings have the female foosball bearing design. Pop out was the state of the art that has never been seen on any of the foosball tables here on earth.

This Warrior Table Soccer foosball table is at $100 off. Just order now using the special code ES100. This special offer is exclusive to Easton, PA foosball players or lovers. When you buy the Warrior Professional Foosball Tables, it will include a complimentary maintenance kit with 2 foosballs, 1 red man, 1 black man, 1 silicone lubricant and 1 Pin punch. Plus the 1 year limited manufacturer’s  warranty. Those players who were able to try this foosball table were astonished on how the Easton foosball table performed, especially in controlling the ball. Playing on these kind of tables are more advanced than the other tables in the market.


The Foosball Table Soccer Supplies and Replacement Parts

The Warrior Table Soccer has all the supplies and replacement parts for the Warrior foosball tables. Foosball men, foosball accessories, foosball handles and foosball rods are just some of them. They would ship the parts you needed to keep your foosball table up and running again in a cheapest cost ever.

The Foosball Accessories

Wraps and balls  are some of the Warrior Table Soccer  accessories. They also have the Foosball hats, polos, limited editions track suit jackets and pants and Foosball T-shirts.  Their limited edition t-shirts were made available through special offers. Their Tee shirt styles have been worn by the Top Professional players at the Major Events. Namely Tony Spredeman, Robert Mares, Trevor Park, Todd Loffredo and many others. The shirts are made of 100% cotton, has a lightweight classic fit, can be machine wash cold and dry low heat. It was designed for the players comfort while on the game, it will keep you cool while under the pressure of winning. They also have foosball collectables. These are set of cards that features the top foosball players around the world.

The  Foosball Men

They would call it Warrior foosmen. Having their splendid quality of professional foosball men which is definitely  available for tournaments and is competitive.

The Foosball Balls

Their Warrior foosball balls are considered as the lowest price and the best which are compatible  for any types of foosball tables.

The Foosball Rods

Their Warrior rods are safe, light, durable and cost half the price compared to other branded table foosball rods. It is made of  high grade chrome steel rods that is tough to bending and gives faster shots and better torque.  These rods are goalie rods,  2 man rod,  3 man rod and 5 man rod. If you want a complete set the have this rods by the row  which is consist of complete rods with me, bumpers and handle. The newly purchased tables comes along with a set of rod guards.

The Foosball Handles

Their Warrior foosball handles are one of a kind. It is made of plastic that does not wear out easily unlike the  wooden once.

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