Diesel Truck Products

Whether you want to make your diesel truck look a little sexier or you are ready to improve functionality, diesel truck products are a necessity to every diesel truck owner.

Dazzling diesel trucks are everywhere, and with today’s diesel technology, they can basically do anything you want them to. If you are asking yourself “How do I get my truck to do that?”, then you are in the right place.

Making modifications to your truck and investing in diesel truck accessories can provide your truck with personality and better performance.

We have compiled the best of the best accessories that every single diesel truck owner should have in order to get the most out of their truck.

Make Sure Your Diesel Truck is Driven Right

When it comes to safety equipment, attention to detail is even more important than with regular vehicles. If your vehicle cannot go off-road safely without some form of mud flaps, wheels, mirrors, headlights, and windshield, you may be surprised how much safety equipment your diesel truck requires, too. Diesel trucks require additional safety gear used in remote and off-road situations.

You oil pan is the one thing you may do daily to make your truck run easier and your engine perform better. If you are not an experienced oil pan user and you rely on grandma’s spare, you may end up with your diesel truck looking like this. Not only should you always change your oil regularly but you should also keep your oil level within recommended operating range. Naturally, this requires certain tank size but luckily, when it comes to building a diesel truck, the size of the tank is not that important. It is recommended to run your engine with around 5qt (2.5L) of oil.

Most OEM (original equipment manufacturer) diesel trucks only have 2.8L oil tanks. Since a 5qr (3L) tank is the standard size, you need a “special oil pan” that is compatible with this tank. However, there are also fuel injection specific oil pans that are available on the market to meet different needs.
This is a handy tool that does a number of things such as adding or removing oil filters, checking oil pressure in the reservoir, changing oil filter grates, and coordinating with the ECU (electronic control unit) of your truck for engine management purposes.

Of course, there is no one right way to dress your diesel truck, but many tail lights and grills are available for the truck owners that don’t know what to get.
Creating a great sport truck is easy. If you want to make it sleeker and sexier, you need a few sport truck accessories. Diesel sport truck lights can really lighten up the entire truck, especially if you decide to get LED lights. These lights from Northlights LED light kits cost around $279.99 and come with many different styling options, such as LED cargo lights with flashing circles or big LED tail lights. Diesel sport truck tail lights can also shoot some Christmas lightness with the Brightmotion Tail Lights, SFE70 Tail Light, or the Eclipse Tail Light. These lights will run from $59.99 to $199.99. Diesel truck lights are the must-have accessories for every diesel truck, especially for those that want to make it look like a anime truck or high-performance truck.

Diesel truck radiators are essential accessories for trucks, because they help with cooling. All of these radiators are available for all diesel trucks and provide around 9 liters of cooling capacity. The best models are from dBg would have 10–12.7 liters of cooling capacity. Midwest Industries offers the Best Selling Radiator for Trucks with around 12.2 liters of cooling capacity. It is suitable for all diesel engines from the 2.0-liters to 6.7-liters.
ZHUN814S Radiator for Diesel Tractors has around 10.5 liters of cooling capacity and should be perfect for most TOW 2 and SDV 2 engines.
This is the most popular accessory for diesel truck radiators. With these radiators, you benefit from additional 4.5 liters of cooling capacity to your vehicle. These might not be enough for the hottest diesel engines out there, however, so the more expensive models might be your best bet.

If you are going for the LED tail lights and LED cargo lights, you need some cargo lights for your truck as well. These lights are also a must-have for your cargo lights, but if you don’t want to spend the money on that, the TOW LED lights are also great options. TOW lights can also be paired with your LED tail lights in order to get the full effect. If you are adding chrome bumpers to your truck, you will need a good diesel bumper set. These can also come in a variety of other colors. In terms of upgrades, diesel bumpers are the first thing to go in your truck. You will want a good set of quality bumpers to protect the paint and save you from looking like a cheap punk.
Vintage blue and vintage white are two of the most popular colors for diesel bumpers.

These bumpers provide several advantages over your OEM bumper. When it comes to appearance, they provide significantly better protection. If you plan on doing any high-lift or high-speed off-roading, bumpers will provide you with an increased ability to stabilize the truck.

You can achieve a similar effect by opting for bumpers with valance. This provides a visual bump while pushing your truck through tight spaces.
The wheels will also need some love. Make certain that your wheels are not scratched up and are in the best condition, whether that is wrapped around a wheel or shot through a wheel well. You should also avoid any look-alike wheels that look like OEM wheels or wheels that are rusted through. This will not only make you look unsightly and cheap, but it will affect the strength and durability of your axle.

Stock wheels will not give you the proper protection you need and may be stuck on the truck because of the bad design. The best wheels are ones that are OEM-style or aftermarket wheels. If these look too factory, or they don’t match the color of your truck, then they need to go.

Attaching VIN numbers to your wheels is a great idea. This will allow you to see what repairs need to be made on your truck (if any). You will also receive alerts whenever it’s time to take them back in for service. With light trucks, you will have many suspension items to purchase. These include control arms, sway bars, and bumpers/pads.

Bumpers provide an excellent amount of protection and can give your truck a unique lookEven if your truck is wrapped aroundbars like those from BF Goodrich, it is a good idea to invest in some bumpers. The bumper will make the truck start to look customized and can add to the individuality of your truck. Keep your wheels locked down and keep them clean. Be sure to avoid CNC (computer-numerized) machines, which can leave scratches that will not only affect your cornering ability, but also affect the strength of the axle.

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