Classic Sport Foosball Tables

Classic Sport is a renowned brand for foosball tables just like Tornado foosball table or the high-quality Ganlando foosball table. Foosball, also known as table football is an immense game at a low price where everyone can enjoy from kids up to professional foosball players. Although the brand is not available in the market, Classic Sport has offered some of the most innovative and distinctive foosball tables in recent years. The Classic Sport X0804 is an impressive masterpiece that features a translucent PVC construction, a playing field, and chrome plated parts. Indeed, it is one of the most unforgettable foosball tables ever available in the market.

Classic Sport foosball tables with aftermarket optional lightning that enables the player to engage in lights-off gameplay for a truly thrilling and unique experience. Aside from offering the lights-out gameplay option, the 444 Platinum Elite foosball table is perfect for entry level players and some seasoned professionals.

Many of the Classic Sport tables are of the traditional variety and feature furniture styling and classic wood stains and finishes that make these tables perfect for any home setup. The Classic Sport tables are one to be reckoned with in the foosball table market. It because of its professional performance components like externally mounted pillar legs, chrome leg levelers, thick cabinet walls, MDF playing surfaces and counter-balanced men features.

Since it was bought out by industry giant Sportcraft, Classic Sport sadly no longer makes its innovative and beautiful tables. If you want to have a Classic Sport table, be sure to scour the second-hand market. Try checking the foosball tables of Sportcraft, you might as well find the best foosball table for you. The following are some of the best foosball tables from Sportcraft, a true pioneer in creating the best foosball table in the market. ​


1. Classic Sport Foosball Table

The Classic Sport Foosball Table offers an elegant mahogany stained finish that lends itself perfectly to gaming rooms and living rooms alike. The elegant and tasteful aesthetic of the table construction enables it to blend smoothly with your other furniture and décor. The 6-inch chrome leg levelers, pillar-style legs, thick cabinet walls, and a .5-inch MDF playing surface offer unrivaled durability and stability of the foosball table.

Price Product Dimensions Product Weight
55.5” x 30.5” x 34.5” 205 lb


  • It has a classic mahogany stained finish
  • Enhanced corner play and defense
  • Convenient side ball return
  • Performance grade solid steel rods
  • MDF playing surface
  • Furniture styling
  • Square, pillar-style legs for maximum stability


  • Unclear instruction manual

2. Classic Sport X0802 Foosball Table

The Classic Sport X0802 foosball table features a glass playing surface that is perfect for fast-paced and professional play. The table comes with sanded balls offer maximum control during gameplay and counterbalanced men enable you to take the precision shots you love.

Price Product Dimensions Product Weight
55.5” x 30.5” x 34.5” 205 lbs.


  • 6” chrome leg levelers
  • Counter-balanced players
  • Performance grade hollow steel rods
  • Tempered glass playing surface
  • Externally mounted pillar style legs
  • Competition goals with metal goal plates


  • Higher price point
  • Heavier weight table

3. Classic Sport Everton Foosball Table

The Everton from Classic Sport will make a perfect addition to any game room, living room, or commercial setting with its uniquely distinct black silver color profile. The versatility of its looks lends itself perfectly to a variety of settings. Great for entry-level buyers and for professional players, the Everton features a proprietary “LusterLong” compound coating that provides high-performance play while preventing scratches on the finish. A durable bushing system enables the table rods to slide and glide effortlessly for fast-paced gameplay. This functional and affordable table is a must-have for any entry-level buyer to the foosball table market.

Price Product Dimensions Product Weight
55” x 30” x 35” 187 lbs.


  • LusterLong compound coating
  • High-performance bushing system
  • Unique two-tone color schematic
  • Affordable price point


  • It has a unique color detailing can be hard to blend with some décor or furniture

4. Classic Sport X0804 Acrylic Foosball Table

The Classic Sport X0804 is absolutely unique in every way. The X0804 foosball table from Classic Sport is as thrilling to look at as it is functional. Made for performance playing, this table features a glass playing surface, sanded balls, and acrylic cabinet walls. This table a unique standout in the foosball market because of its contemporary design with translucent construction.

Price Product Dimensions Product Weight
55.5” x 30” x 34.5” 231 lbs.


  • Translucent PVC construction
  • 5” circular legs
  • Tournament quality play
  • Enhanced corner play and shot options
  • Enhanced defensive play
  • Tempered glass playing surface
  • Competition grade steel rods
  • Unique and contemporary design
  • Unparalleled stability and durability


  • Heavy item

5. Classic Sport 444 Platinum Elite Foosball Table

This Classic Sport 444 Platinum Elite foosball table has an available lighting system option that will take your gameplay to all new levels. With this lighting system, you will be able to play foosball on this table with the lights off for a truly unique gameplay. This foosball table comes with all the bells and whistles. This feature is mostly found from a premium foosball table, including but not limited to, chrome leg levelers, a tempered glass playing surface, performance grade hollow steel rods, counterbalanced players, and competition goals with metal goal plates.

Price Product Dimensions Product Weight
54” x 34” x 39” 205 lbs.


  • Available lights-out gameplay option
  • Externally mounted pillar legs for exceptional stability and durability
  • Performance grade parts
  • Hidden hardware construction


  • Heavy
  • Lights-out play is an additional not-included option


The Classic Sport has some of the most innovative products ever available on the foosball market, from the breathtaking X0804 with its glass and PVC translucent design to the spunky two-toned Everton foosball table to the magnificent lights-out action of the 444 Platinum Elite table.  If you are after a truly unique product that stands out from any usual foosball tables, this is definitely worth your while to take a look at Classic Sport. Although it is not available in the market today, the Classic Sport foosball tables are entirely relevant and will provide years of long-lasting quality and family-oriented fun.

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