Best Air Hockey Ping Pong Table Combo Reviews

One of the best activities that will bring a family closer together is having the game room tables. A load of great table games are available in the market for you to play. To name some, billiard pool tables, snooker tables, table tennis tables, football tables, and air hockey. This table will fit perfectly into your game room. Unfortunately, these game rooms tables are too expensive and often take a lot of space. The best solution for that is to have a combo, multi-game table or a tabletop that allows your family to switch games at any time. A multiple game in one table is the best deal. You can save space, same money and most importantly it will give you a variety of options in terms of table games.

Now, if you are trying to decide on a new games table but can’t decide between air hockey and ping pong, why not choose for a combo table instead and get the get of both worlds.

Both air hockey and ping pong tables take up a large amount of room. With a combo table, you get the chance to play a number of games without occupying a larger space.


Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Game Table Combo

Air hockey and ping pong tables are not that affordable. That is why it is best to have a background research before doing a purchase.

  1. Sturdiness: It is important that the table is firmly built with high-grade materials. You don’t want to experience that during a mid-play, your table suddenly wiggles or falter.
  2. Durability: You will be investing an ample amount of money, so you want to make sure that the table is enduring and long-lasting.
  3. Easy to assemble: You have to choose the table that comes with a complete set, together with its accessories. A visual or a video guide is a plus.

What you are about to read is a list of 5 best air hockey ping pong table combos available in the market. This comprehensive review will guide you in choosing the best that will best fit your game room.

EastPoint Sports NHL Power Play Hover Hockey Table Tennis Top

  • GAME ROOM FUN. This Air Powered Hockey table is easy to set-up and you can place it anywhere in your basement, man cave, game room or living room for entertainment and primarily recreation that the entire family can enjoy.
  • INCLUDES EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO PLAY: Comes with a complete set of air hockey and table tennis accessories
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: with the dimension of 80”x43”x32”, this game table is 2 games in 1 air powered hockey table and 3-piece table tennis conversion top.
  • SCORING SYSTEM: convenience and more fun with the automatic scoring and sound system of the Power Play Hover Hockey Table Model
  • CERTIFIED HOVER AIR HOCKEY TABLE SIZE: The 80 inches L x 43 inches W x 32 inches H dimension when fully assembled, this table is suitable for players of all ages and skill sets

This combo table is definitely not budget friendly, but you will get a lot for your money. In a short period of 15 minutes, you can play air hockey and ping pong. The glazetek compound coating keeps the table protected and looking good. The table is both sturdy and durable. What makes this table unique is its LED automatic scoring board that lights up and makes a warning to make everyone aware that a score was made. The package comes with complete set and accessories that you need in playing air hockey and ping pong.

Verdict: This combo table looks seamless, is quick and easy to set up. It can withstand hours of playing. The combo table includes complete accessories you need and is perfect for players of all ages. The unit is a little bit expensive. Overall rating: 4 / 5 stars.

HLC 4’ Multi-Game Table

  • A 4-in-1 multi-game table – pool, slide hockey, table tennis, flick football, play four exciting indoor games on one table
  • The locking system holds the table top securely for steady play
  • Switch from game to game within seconds, adds excitement and hours of playing time to your game room
  • Foldable game table with “L” leg design, intended as pace saver and easy storage

The HLC 4 in 1 multi game table consists of four popular game tables in 1 convenient table top design. It features hockey as the base, turn the table soccer off, it becomes a pool, the table tennis and then hockey.

With the four choices – air hockey, table soccer, ping pong, and pool table, you’ll never be bored again with this multi-game combo table from HLC. You can literally convert one game to another in a matter of seconds with this combo table, extending your gameplay by hours. It’s foldable, L-shaped leg design locks into place. This feature will make it easy to store away when not being used. It looks modern and funky. Finally, it comes with accessories and everything you need to set it up and start playing.

Verdict:  This average priced multi-game table, the HLC is not bad although the quality is lacking a little and is probably not advisable for kids. Even when it looks nice on the outside, it’s not as sturdy as some of the other mid-priced models available and may stagger if played too hard. Overall rating: 3.5/5 stars.

Fat Cat 3-in-1 Flip Game Table

  • Get 3 games for the price of 1.
  • A convenient and space saving table
  • The three games this featured are billiards, air hockey, and table tennis, all full games without giving up the quality.
  • The tri-fold tabletop technology makes changing games a snap, just unlock the latches and flip it over. It can also be locked upright for easy storage.
  • Convenient 6-foot size can fit easily into tight game room spaces, allowing you maximum flexibility in your room’s layout.
  • Comes with all the accessories needed to play the games you love such as pool cues and billiard balls, hockey pucks and pushers, and table tennis paddles and net.

The Fat Cat 3-in-1 Flip Game Table is not for the faint-hearted or those with a light wallet, it is expensive, to be honest. But, with your money’s worth, you will get a very nice looking, durable, multi-game table for all your air hockey, ping pong, and billiards needs. The flip table feature allows you to change games in a matter of seconds and it comes with all the accessories you need for each game. The pool table and the ping pong insert are made of MDF so are durable, long lasting, and tough enough to withstand players of all capabilities.

Verdict: The motor does not guarantee a great amount of air that comes out of the air hockey table. This game table is a bit pricey. But, when you take a look at the overall quality of the combo table, it is much better than your average model. Overall rating: 3.5/5 stars.

Lancaster 48” 3-in-1 Combo Game Table

  • A 3-in11 combo game table – billiards, slide hockey, and football game
  • Game switching from one game to another in a matter of seconds
  • Side locks gives stability to the table and the game
  • Compact, multi-purpose design
  • Availability of manual scorers on the side

Kindly check this combo games table if you have a limited budget. This combo game table offers air hockey, ping pong, and pool at the price of one. Indeed, there is something for everyone with this table. It comes with a manual slider for scoring. There is a durable and easy to operate side locks that will secure and keep the table sturdy. The table has a very useful built-in storage compartment in which to keep all the accessories.

Verdict: at an affordable price, the Lancaster 48” 3-in-1 Combo doesn’t compromise on quality. This games table is sturdy, pleasing, and price-friendly. This is highly recommended. Overall rating: 5/5 stars.

Hathaway Triad 48-Inch 3-in-1 Multi-game Table

  • THREE WAYS TO PLAY – you can play with pool, table tennis and glide hockey in a one sleek multi-game table. Game switching made easy with a lightweight, durable table tops.
  • FAMILY-FRIENDLY – The 48-inch frame is perfect for growing kids. Durable and well-engineered wood construction ensures a longer lifespan.
  • READY FOR ACTION – With an easy installation, you can start playing the moment it arrived home. Complete with accessories, this stylish table comes with everything you need to play pool, glide hockey and table tennis, including all balls, pucks, cues, strikers and paddles.
  • 180-DAY WARRANTY – A 180-day manufacturer warranty is a plus factor. The warranty comes with a damage free table and complete parts and accessories. The best part of the deal? They will replace you entire table for free if there is damage on delivery.
  • DIMENSIONS – Playing surface: 43.25 inches L x 19.25 inches W; Table dimensions: 48” L x 24” W x 31” H

This Hathaway multi-game table has an average price compared to other similar tables in the market. It features multiple games – air hockey, ping pong, or pool you feel like playing this combo table can satisfy your needs. Made from environment-friendly materials, this table’ MDF L-shaped legs make a sturdy platform for the table while playing. It is equipped with leg levelers for easier playing on any surface. Switch game in a matter of seconds and let the fun starts sooner.

Verdict: At the size of 48 inches, you would think it would be suitable for adults, but everything is quite small and would be better suited for kids. Well-made quality and looks simple and sleek as well. Overall rating: 4/5 stars.

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