Benefits Of Using An Inversion Table

An inversion table is one of the primary devices used in a technique where you are suspended upside down to stretch the spine, to relieve your back pain, increase your circulation and decompress your joints. This technique is known as inversion therapy.

Secondary to medical application, an inversion table is also a common device used in basic exercise. The benefits delivered by this equipment are the same as what Yoga does to your body.

In today’s modern society, when most of the activities and jobs do not require mobility, a multiple number of culprits brought about the causes of back pain and minor disabilities. The truth, these conditions are brought about not only by a stationary lifestyle which is common in a corporate world but even in simple tasks that we do on a regular basis. To name some, here’s a list;

  • Lifting improperly
  • Not bending your knees correctly upon lifting
  • Applying extreme pressure at the back muscles
  • Staying in one position at a long time
  • Looking down for a long period of time like texting, reading etc.
  • Sitting more often than you should
  • No activity at all-idle

Prevention is better than cure they say. We can always avoid risks if we are careful and cautious. But, if we cannot prevent it is best to give necessary action and solution before your pain get worse. It is the little things that add up to big problems.

This is where the inversion table comes in. If your pain is minor, an inversion table will help you ease the pain. But if your back problem is major and may consider surgery, it is best that you consult a doctor immediately.

Word of caution: The inversion table is restricted for people with certain conditions like cardiovascular disorders, eye and ear infections, cerebral sclerosis, pregnancy, obesity, fractures, osteoporosis and more. These people should avoid using inversion tables unless recommended by their doctor. Provided that your doctor or a professional gave a customized treatment plan, it’s now safe to use an inversion table.

Let’s move on to the benefits of using an inversion table.

  • Relieve and Manage Pain

One of the countless reasons on why an inversion table is a must-have at home is its immediate relief of pain. You will not have to undergo surgery. The inversion therapy will re-align your spine then in due time, the pain will be gone. Thru the recommended therapy, the pressure from the discs will be removed and the discs rehydration will be an ease. Also, the aching nerve pressure and the muscles of the body will diminish sooner than expected.

  • Stress Reliever

Do not underestimate stress. Too much of it will result to negative consequences on the body. The symptoms of stress have effects in your health and sometimes it is unrecognizable. We can manage stress in different ways. A person can get to regular activities, have time and get some fun with family and friends and the most common stress reliever is to have some relaxation exercises related to breathing, meditation and getting a massage. The inversion table is the best buddy in fulfilling those breathing, stretching and meditation techniques.

  • Detoxification of the Body

Better circulation results to better health. Body detoxification thru exercise; stretching, twisting and hanging upside down as what we do in an inversion table, helps release in the body what it no longer needs. Upon using the inversion table, the circulation of the lymph nodes will be improved. At the same time, it will eliminate the toxins from the blood and body.

Another advantage is that it will lessen the heart pressure and enough supply of oxygen will be released to the brain. A sufficient supply of oxygen will lead to better concentration and critical thinking.

  • Enhanced Spinal Health

It is important to take care of our bones. Keep them strong and healthy especially in women where bone loss and Osteoporosis is common. An adequate consumption of calcium-rich foods keeps the bones healthy and maintains normal body calcium. Milk and dairy products are the best sources of calcium.

To prevent bone compression at the joint cavity some regular exercise should be done to prevent it. Without it, our spine will be affected and worst may lead to many other health issues. With inversion table, the stretching and strengthening of your muscles will keep the bones in place. The joint cavities will be polished because the chance of compression is reduced.

  • Improved Blood Circulation

The circulation of the blood in the body is against gravity. This caused the difficulty of transferring nutrients and oxygen to different parts of the body. We know the vital role of oxygen to our body. Improper blood flow in the body may lead to health problems.

When you hang someone upside down, the blood flow will be assisted by gravity, an inversion table can help. In that position, the pumping of the heart will improve.  The same thing will happen to the blood circulation.

  • Increased Flexibility

An increased flexibility is one of the good benefits of an inversion table. When you use the equipment regularly, your muscles will be stretched in healthy ranges as a result; it will be easy to attain the normal range of motion. The muscles and ligaments will work hand in hand because of the required stretch and will result in a healthy joint cavity. There will be no degeneration of a jelly-like material found in the cavity instead; it will enhance the circulation of the blood towards the joint cavity.

  • Good Posture

An awareness of a good posture is a step in to breaking old bad posture habits and reducing stress and strain in your spine. It is important to keep the bones and joints in proper alignment so that the muscles will function well. That is why it is important that even a simple proper sitting or standing position will allow someone to work efficiently and with less stress and fatigue.

Maintaining good posture comes easy with the help of an inversion table. All you need to do is to hang upside down and no hard work and difficult exercise needed anymore. To be safe, it is still important to ask the advice and recommendation of some experts on the length of time you will be staying in the equipment at that position.

  • Fast Recovery

After a stressful day at work, a few minutes in the inversion table will relax your muscles leading to a good sleep and a pain-free morning the next day. This technique is common among military training schools; to prepare the body of the soldiers for quick recovery after a long day at training.

The inversion table can easily relax your bones and muscles after a stressful activity.

  • Anti-Aging Effects

Along with the benefit of flexibility, properly flexed muscles will keep your skin tight and stretched resulting to a healthy and young looking skin.  In a regular detox thru exercise, the degeneration of toxins in the body will be lessened. Flexing and stretching exercises will lead to a well-toned and healthy body.

  • Save Time and Money

As cited earlier, prevention is better than cure. An ample time of regular exercise using an inversion table will prevent you from costly treatments and exercises. As long as you are aware of the restrictions in using the equipment, you will be able to save time and money by applying immediate aid to your condition. A healthy lifestyle is always beneficial to your body.

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