All about marine fittings

When we talk about marine fittings or Accessoires pour bateaux, we are referring to all the deck accessories of a boat, such as shackles or carabiners for example, which are used in particular to maneuver the sails. The origin of this concept is linked to the old sailing ships, in which there was a forecastle and a stern. But even today, it remains a key part of any trip .

So that you can always enjoy a comfortable and safe navigation , and to guarantee perfect maneuverability of the sails at all times, Forboat offers you the biggest discounts on deck fittings and accessories, as well as the largest choice online ! You will appreciate our collection of marine equipment made by leading brands like Attwood Marine Locker Manufacturer , Ronstan , Scanstrut or Seldén .

Your deck fittings are the key to your comfort, so take advantage of our sales promotions ! Forboat offers you marine equipment at much lower prices than all other online retailers! As an example, the Ronstan Hook Snap Shackles (Golden) price for two is $12.80 instead of $20 , or a 4 mm Attwood 316 Stainless Steel Sheet Anchor Shackle price for 10 pieces is only $32.50 instead of $37 . Discover all our discounts on deck fittings and accessories in our sale section!

Now that we have hooked up our line, let’s take a look at the swivel. Now this is what I will use to bind my sheet to my boom so when I’m on the other side of the boat it won’t twist up. When you are customer ordering these they come in many different sizes and colors. The most common that you’ll see today is called a bronze swivel . You can also get stainless steel ones but these tend not to last as long because stainless steel under constant friction will start to wear out especially if you’re using them in salty conditions like across the gulf or around here in Florida. Bronze swivels are basically made from what we call phosphor-bronze which is an alloy of copper and tin with some phosphorous added in there as well. This gives it a low co-efficient of friction so it will work really smoothly, really nice and smooth swivel .

When you are purchasing these from your retailer you want to make sure that they fit together OK. In this case here we have a three-fourths inch diameter line going into a one inch bronze hook . You’ll also notice that has a wound wire inside which is going to give it extra strength for its size. These swivels come in different sizes the most common being one quarter, three eighths and then one half inch diameters. I have selected this particular swivel because of the way the line goes through here with no turns or anything like that so when it comes time to actually hook onto the boom it’s going to be nice and easy.

These swivels are used for many things, but mainly for mast raking where you want to keep your sheet on your side of the boat so you can move up and down without twisting it. They’re also very good at any kind of docking maneuvering because they’ll prevent that twist that you don’t want on your sheet . Now remember these are line size specific. So if I was using this particular one here I would only use it with four-sixteenths or five-eighths line diameter line. This is part number BSO 126; we do sell them individually or we do sell them in pairs depending upon what size you need.

Take a look at the Ronstan Bronze Tension Clutch. This is a very common marine fitting that you will see on most brands of boats from twenty feet up to about forty-fifty feet in size. It comes in many different tolerances and sizes, but basically what it’s going to be used for is when you’re cranking your jib sheet or mainsheet around the corner of the drum here through this little hole , this part here is going to keep tension on that line so it doesn’t go back inside the drum and get all scrunched up inside there which would make it hard to put tension on your sail .

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