40 Advantages of Inversion Table Therapy

Primarily, an inversion therapy is a method often used to treat back pain and spinal problems. It is by doing short stretches upside down or laying at a downward angle to decompress the spine. In order to apply this approach, an inversion therapy table is invented. It is designed to apply gravity creating traction in the pelvis and spine which release compression in the discs, joints, and nerves. An inversion table has several attachments through a person is suspended and doing exercise.

Before we proceed to the beneficial results of using an inversion therapy table, it is important that we are aware and we understand its limitations. Although proven to have very minimal risks, individuals with the following conditions are not allowed to use the inversion therapy table.

  • Glaucoma or Retinal Detachment
  • Ear-related Issues
  • Hypertension
  • Fractures
  • Pregnant women


Listed below are the 40 advantages of inversion table therapy.

  1. Reverse the need for back pain surgery. The therapy uses zero gravity nature of inversion can reduce compression and will eventually prevent disability from back pain. This means that you will be free from dangerous results that lead to surgeries. No surgeries lead to zero medical costs.
  2. Repairs Herniated Discs. This is a condition where the outer portion of the vertebral disc is torn, enabling the inner portion to extrude through the fibers. Instead of having a discectomy, this inversion therapy table has the ability to return the discs their original position.
  3. Reduces the Sciatic Nerve Pain. This method has the ability to relieve the pain of sciatic nerves that are exposed to too many strains when you sit in a stationary position for a long time.
  4. Cervical Spinal Stenosis. The therapy can reverse the thickening of ligaments of the neck region and damages to cartilage. This condition appears when the neck region is subjected to intense pressure and weight
  5. Prevents and Reduces Osteoarthritis Pain. With the proper calcium intake and regular exercise using the inversion table, osteoporosis can be prevented. The therapy can reduce osteoporosis or arthritic pain as long as it is combined with medical treatment.
  6. Reduced Back Pain. The therapy will reduce the pain at the back by doing an upside-down suspension for a certain time.
  7. Corrects Scoliosis and the Associated Pain. Scoliosis is the abnormal bending of the spinal cord, with the advice and assistance of a professional, the problem will be rectified.
  8. Eases Fibromyalgia. A condition wherein there is an excessive pain and stiffness in the musculoskeletal muscles and joints is called fibromyalgia.
  9. Relieves Pressure at the Joints. A sedentary position or lack of physical activities may put your joints on risk due to pressure build up. An inversion table accompanied by exercise will relieve the pressure build-up.
  10. Lessens the Severity of Headaches. The therapy realigns the spine to diminish the problem of muscle spasms, decreases the level of stress and enhance the overall circulation of blood.
  11. Combats Poor Posture. The advantages of good posture are numerous. And guess what, it’s so easy to achieve. It can reduce back pain and improve breathing. Bad posture causes the bones of your spine to misalign and may lead to damages. Exercise using this table can stop it from happening.
  12. Anti-Aging Impacts. A regular exercise using this method releases toxins in the body. The stretching and flexing exercise allows the proper circulation of blood, therefore, increase the supply of oxygen in the body.
  13. Enhances Flexibility. In using the inversion table in an upside down position, your vertebral column decompresses. The decompression brings the body fluid to seep back to the vertebrae and discs.
  14. Bolsters the Health of your Joints. An excessive weight in joints gives too much pressure on the bones and cartilages of the joints. Inversion table therapy enhances the flow of blood
  15. Realigns the Spine after Workouts. The therapy has the ability to realign the spine and return the perfect alignment of these constituent bones. Regular exercise will lead you an upright shape and good posture
  16. Fast Recovery after Workouts. A perfect example of this is what they are doing in military camps. The upside-down position will release the pain and will give you a peaceful sleep.
  17. Stronger Ligaments. Again, no physical activity can lead to danger in the body. Damage in ligaments occurs when it is underused. Exercise using the inversion therapy.
  18. Improves Sleep Quality. Inversion therapy aerates the lungs for maximum oxygen intake in the body. It improves the blood flow rate. These two reasons brought about good sleep.
  19. No More Fatigue.  No physical activity brings the occurrence of fatigue. Staying inactive interferes with blood circulation, blocks the flow of oxygen and stops the proper function of the bodily organs resulting to build up of toxins.
  20. Increases Bodily Energy. Proper blood circulation and breakdown of the stored fat and food increases body energy.
  21. Enables you to Gain or Regain Height.  Did you know that the force of gravity has the effect on our height? This force attacks the vertebral column of the body. The inversion body allows us to regain our height with the upside down position.
  22. Good Function of the Lungs. Our upright position deprives the upper segment of the lungs of the vital nutrients and oxygen. That is why with the help of inversion table we can balance it by giving the blood the ability to seep to the upper chambers of the lungs.
  23. Clears your Sinuses. The sinus gets blocked for some reasons. The blockage results to improper circulation of blood to various parts of the body.
  24. Makes you to Breathe Better.  One of the direct targets of stretching exercise is the diaphragm. As we strengthen our diaphragm our breathing gets better.
  25. Stress-free and Diminish Depression.  Inversion therapy gives the body the chance to regulate its hormones into manageable levels. Also, it can lower muscle tension. Lastly, it improves your quality of sleep.
  26. Promotes Mental Stability and Alertness.  A healthy count of sugar, oxygen, and blood in the brain keep us alert and critical with regular exercise, we can increase the pace of our brain function.
  27. Good Moods. Mood swing is an extreme change of mood. It a noticeable change in one’s emotional state. A cause of mood swing is the imbalance in the brain chemicals associated with mood regulation. On this therapy, the level of cortisol drops, it is responsible for mood swings.
  28. Uplift your Creativity and Critical Thinking. A huge flow of blood to the brain is a result of an upside-down position by using the inversion table. A huge flow of blood results to a bigger amount of oxygen needed for brain activities.
  29. Ease of Pre-Menstrual Syndrome. A week before a woman’s menstruation period, they are experiencing irritations, bloating, fatigue and mood swings. The inversion therapy helps the woman cope with these problems.
  30. Enhance the Flow of Blood in the Body.  An increased heart rate leads to a faster blood flow within the veins and capillaries. The benefits like a healthier body, reduced toxins in the body and higher absorption of nutrients are associated with a good pulse rate.
  31. Increase the Functioning of the Heart. A regular exercise is always good for the heart. An increasing intensity of physical activities increased the heart rate. With these, the muscles of the heart strengthened and the muscles get stronger when stretched.
  32. Alleviates and Reverses the Risk of Varicose Veins.  Varicose veins are swollen and enlarged veins that occur on legs and feet. When that happens, there will be a malfunction in the valves that stop the backflow of blood in the veins. Thru inversion therapy, the reverse position counter flows the gravity.
  33. Improve your Overall Physical Appearance.  Good posture, healthy skin, healthy scalp, and stress-free lifestyle contributes to a good physical appearance. Regular exercise, stretching and strengthening are the best form of anti-aging activities.
  34. Stone-free Kidneys. When we talk about detoxification or cleansing the body, the kidney is in charge. With too much filtering of toxins and harmful wastes in the body, they develop kidney stones by clogging the kidney. The inversion therapy can block or completely stop the rise of this problem.
  35. Help Proper Digestion. Any active physical activity can lead to a good metabolism. A faster metabolism in your body can lead to a higher form of energy because the nutrients from the food intake are digested fast.
  36. Improve the Functioning of the Lymphatic System.  The lymphatic system is an important part of the immune system. It is composed of a network of lymphatic vessels that delivers a clear fluid called lymph towards the heart.
  37. Provides the Immune System a Fresh Breath of Life.  The inversion therapy gives way in expulsing the toxins in the body. It also helps boost the immune system. A strong immune system fights infections and diseases, and lead to a healthy body.
  38. Impacts other Internal Organs. Inversion table influences the good function of other internal organs like the lungs, stomach, kidney, and liver. Regular exercise leads a good blood circulation.
  39. Healthy Cardiovascular System.  A cardiovascular system consists of the heart, blood vessels and approximately 5 liters of blood that is transported all over the body. It is also the system that transports the nutrients, oxygen, carbon dioxide and hormones. Inversion lessens the strain that these vessels experience during the distribution of nutrients and oxygen.
  40. Memory Enhancer. The proper function of organs all over the body is a result of a healthy body. The benefits of inversion therapy to the heart and brain can lead to a good memory. It will be easy for you to receive and transfer information.

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