Tornado Foosball Tables

The World Championships has been using Tornado foosball table since 1986. The brand has been manufactured by Valley-Dynamo since 1999. Tornado foosball tables are recognized for its different style which showcases the unique way in which the producer design them based on the materials that they use to produce the main parts of their tables. Currently, Tornado Foosball Tables are used in the most important foosball table tournaments in the USA.

Indeed, it is a legend worldwide wherein most of the foosball players choose Tornado as their table of choice. A favorite among business owners because of its reliable toughness in their investment and a consistent earner.

Tornado is a perfect choice for a foosball table because it has complete features and playability that most players prefer and demand.  

The most important features that made Tornado brand the best among the rest are the following;

  • “Friction Grip” handles – with this feature players come to know the position of the “men” without even looking.
  • Playfield markings – accurate and consistent placement, providing exact visual references for even the hardest shots.
  • Ground rods that are centerless – hollowed for smooth action, fast response and of course lighter weight.
  • Counterbalanced and low-profile men for clarity.
  • Innovations that are all patented
  • Impeccably symmetrical balls
  • Confident 9-ball drop
  • Full-size playfield
  • 3-man goalie
  • The crisp “pop” sound every time a goal is made.

Before we proceed with the comprehensive review of the four best Tornado foosball table of 2018, let it be known that all Tornado foosball tables have these common qualities. Qualities and characteristics that brought them to the top of the list;

  • Quality American- built construction
  • Redesigned player “foot” allows more actual ball control with higher cross-hatching and square sides.
  • Patented-process ground balls provide the smoothest and most definite play available
  • Patented rubber bumper, player and ball guarantee super-fast play
  • 3/4” playfield with correct graphics to boost shot accuracy


Tornado Elite

If you are looking for a commercial foosball table available for your home, the Elite model is perfect for you. It features dual ball returns, heavy gauge rods and patented split bearings for good maintenance.

. The Elite includes all the Tornado quality features plus:

  • Leg pad and down corner structure for more stability
  • Enduring exterior laminate with additional colors available
  • Dual ball returns
  • Heavy gauge rods
  • Patented 3-piece bearings
  • Adjustable leg levelers
  • Natural wood handles

Tornado T3000

If you want a better professional grade performance, the Tornado 3000 is the perfect investment. Tornado foosball tables continue to set the international standards. Their numerous patented innovations have set the bar high.

 Features of this table include:

  • Available in Platinum, Matte Black and Crimson Pro finishes.
  • Thin-wall split Competition bearings for greater control and shot blocking.
  • Patented Tornado men improved with sharper corners and increased cross section for better ball control and passing
  • Tornado’s patented split bearing design combines durability, function, and ease of replacement and removal for cleaning
  • Color-keyed, super high grip, interchangeable handle system exclusive to Tornado
  • Available in single-goalie configuration (3-man goalie standard)
  • 3/4″ Playfield, the field is ramped beneath the laminate on single-goalie tables for a seamless look – no add-on ramps!
  • Contemporary and rugged Stainless-steel laminate finish with end protectors and bold Tornado graphics
  • Redesigned player “foot” allows more precise ball control with higher cross-hatching and square sides
  • Full-access hinged top
  • Classic Style blonde-and-black goal and match counters
  • Proudly built in Richland Hills TX, USA.
  • 30-minute fast assembly time

Tornado Classic

The Tornado Classic table combines a contemporary look with heavy duty construction and many of the features found on commercial tables.

The Tornado Classic table has a high-performance part that provides professional play. Its wooden handles are easy to grip, and the tables’ rods are chrome plated but light construction for better movement.  Leveling the Classic with the adjustable leg levers is so easy.

The Classic includes all the Tornado quality features plus:

  • Leg pad and down corner construction for added stability
  • Soft Leather laminate for a contemporary look
  • Single side ball return
  • Adjustable leg levelers
  • Natural wood handles
  • Black leather laminate finish on 1 and 1/2-inch-thick cabinet walls
  • Adjustable commercial-grade leg levelers for easy leveling on uneven surfaces
  • 3/4-inch laminate Classic playfield with 3-color Tornado foosball logo
  • Down corner construction for rigidity and durability
  • .125-inch rugged steel rods resist bending and warping
  • Tornado three-man goalie style
  • Patented Tornado foosball men with revised foot design for more precise ball control
  • Natural solid wood handles
  • Single side ball return allows for you to easily retrieve the ball when practicing the game solo
  • New, thinner inner bearing design does not allow the ball to be passed between the man and the wall
  • Patented urethane foosballs resist nicks and chips and roll true

Tornado Sport

The Sport table is the perfect table for young foosers and the intermediate player alike. The adjustable height and durable structure allow for generations of enjoyment.

This foosball table is not flashy but made with high quality. The 1-inch thick MDF cabinet gives sturdiness and durability to the table. Durability is the greatest advantage of this table.

The heavy weight of 200 lbs. gives the table a lot of stability. It is not going to budge even at times that the play becomes aggressive. The legs of the Tornado Sport are covered with boots, and shims can be put inside of them to level the table. This results to an even playing surface.

Its hollow steel rods are lighter, creating reliable gameplay. Those who are advanced and experienced players will love this, beginners may have a learning problem using faster rods.

The Tornado Sport does not have counterbalanced players which is an important feature player are after. Counterbalanced players allow for smoother gameplay because the players can always stay in a horizontal position.

The Tornado Sport includes all the Tornado quality features plus:

  • Adjustable leg height feature for young up and coming foosers
  • Mahogany Melamine finish
  • End ball return
  • SureGrip black plastic handles

 Below, is the table showing the dimensions of the four Tornado Foosball table featured.

Specifications Sidewall Thickness Length Width Height Weight
Elite 1.5” 56” 30” 36” 225 lbs.
T3000 1.5” 56” 30” 36” 355 lbs.
Classic 1.5” 56” 30” 36” 225 lbs.
Sport 1” 56” 30” 36” 205 lbs.

The Conclusion

If you are looking for the most stable and durable table in the market today, you can never go wrong with any of the Tornado foosball table. Tornado has been designed and built in a unique way that makes them ahead of any other ordinary foosball available in the market.

These foosball tables come with 1-year warranty feature.

Lastly, Tornado is a smart choice in a foosball table because it has all the features that players prefer, demand and expects. Tornado delivers.

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